Glad to be back!

It has been a long two weeks and my life has been a little crazy. I am so glad to be able to settle down and write a post today.

My first news is that I am GUEST HOSTING! Yay! ! I am excited. You may or may not remember ( yeah, 18 days ago ) that I had decided to pull out all of my booklets that said you could create a perfect pattern using their instructions and your measurements. Ready to see how things came out? Head on over to and see for yourself. Overall it wasn’t a hard process and it did kinda fit though I have to admit is was a shapeless shift dress. I was also able to create a PDF file with the entire booklet, including the pattern and rulers, so if you want to give it a try you can. Make sure you set your printer to have no border when you are printing the rulers and the pattern.

Magic SeamstressMagic Seamstress Booklet

 I haven’t made much process on my Vintage Playsuit Sew Along but I am really going to crack down this weekend and get things done. There is still time to join in! What a wonderful summer sew along!

playsuit sew along

I have managed to collect some wonderful older sewing patterns, some great old spools of thread and thimbles and will be posting photos this weekend. Plus I have decided that the next addition in the Pattern Drafting Series I will be using The Master Fit Kit!

As always, Happy Sewing!

Thrift Store Finds and new Sew Along

Welcome fellow sewists! Hope this past week has been a great one. First off I want to say congratulations to all those that participated in MMM’14. I am in awe of all those that gave that challenge a try, your outfits were wonderful and creative.


Applause To All! Check out their group here!

 There are two new thrift stores in town and I forged through their wares on Saturday. I squealed with delight when I was able to find a box of patterns in the back corner of one. Yeah, people in the store looked around like I had discovered a Rembrandt hiding in a stack of $3 pictures but once they saw I was digging around in a dusty box of old sewing patterns they kinda rolled their eyes and went back to what they were doing. None of them are rare or spectacular but I believe any patterns that are over 50 years old should be preserved and loved. And who could resist those cute little red, white and blue snaps or those tiny little wooden spools. Plus I got them all for less than $7! The bonus is the proceeds go to our local APA (Animal Protection Association) that sponsors a No-Kill Shelter. A cash donation went into the pot as well.

Vintage findsVintage finds1

Vintage finds2

Vintage finds3Vintage finds4My next stop didn’t score a single pattern but I did come across a few packs of seam tape. Another great bargain and I was able to talk to the store owner about sewing patterns, only to learn that he had a huge box that he threw away last week because they were ‘too old’ and he didn’t think anyone would be interested. I ran to his dumpster but the trash man had already come and gone, the patterns now a part of the ever growing landfill. He knows what I am looking for now and he promised to never throw any of them away again.

Vintage finds5A friend brought me a box of goodies! Another great score of vintage notions. I had no idea that zippers use to come in little round plastic containers! They are so wonderful. A tin full of old buttons and three glorious needle books, he found them all at a local goodwill store!


There is a great sew along starting today. It is all about Play Suits. I did a little research and the earliest adult sewing pattern that I could find was in the late 1940’s. What fun outfits they are, some came with a blouse, shorts and a matching skirt, some were blouse, shorts and a coverup, some of them had full size bloomers, some shorts were like skirts themselves, some shorts are short and form fitting.

Head on over to ‘The Girl with the Star-Spangled Heart‘, read her inspirations she has posted through the month of May, grab a badge and let’s get started!

playsuit sew along

 Stefanie, my youngest daughter, is the recipient of this sew-along outfit and I recently acquired a great vintage Vogue Pattern that I had planned on using. But she doesn’t like the fact that to made a visit to the ladies room is going to require the top and the bottom to come off. Vintage PatternI had already promised her a vintage style swim top so we are combining it with two other patterns that I had in my stash to make a great playsuit. Now to get the muslins made up and then select the fabrics.


On to one last topic, I have managed to acquired a few of those handy dandy booklets and kits that swear you can draft a perfect pattern for you. I have decided that I am going to give them each a trial run using the exact same dress form and measurements. I will makes notes, take plenty of pictures and try to recreate the same garment. Stay tuned for my first choice, ‘Magic Seamstress’.

Magic Seamstress

Magic Fit

magic fit

The Perfect Fit

Perfect FitIt is time to hope off, get ready for the new work week and give my kitty, Paulie the attention he is begging for. Who could resist that face?!

Mommy, let’s play please!

See everyone later,

As always, Happy Sewing!

Memorial Day and Bombshell Completed

Good afternoon fellow bloggers! First off let me say Happy Memorial Day. While many of us will be celebrating with hotdogs on the grill and picnics in the parks. let us not forget to say thank you to all of the veterans! Without you we would not be the country we are. I proudly display my country’s flag to salute you and remember the price that has been paid for our freedom!


I have been busy over the last couple of weeks, I am continually trying to get my sewing area organized. I found a great container to keep all of my sewing machine feel sorted. It is a lot easier to find the foot I am looking for now. Maybe now I will actually use them instead of just admire them.

OrganizingI often see bloggers bragging about the pleasures of using weights instead of pins to hold down their patterns. Since I was working on a swimsuit I realized that now would be the time to give them a try. I headed over to my local hardware store and scored the largest washers they had in stock. I decided to use Puffy Paint to make little gripper feet on one side. I love this paint. After drying just steam and the paint raises. This is also a great application for little one’s bedroom slippers or those cute little foot pajamas instead of buying gripper fabric. WashersOver at The Monthly Stitch  May was Sew Stretchy and what better way to complete this challenge but finally make Closet Case Files Bombshell Bathing Suit. Last year Heather hosted a sew along and she has a great tutorial. If you have not tried this pattern you should really check it out. It was pretty simple and easy to alter if you need to. And for the ladies that don’t want to show too much skin this is the perfect suit.



Buy it Here!

I purchased this adorable swimsuit fabric at Michael Levine’s, LowPriceFabric . While it was a heavy fabric and the recovery of the stretch was great I did learn that if the design is printed on instead of woven in there will be discoloration at the stress points. Lesson learned. Thank goodness it doesn’t show up because of all the gathering of the swimsuit.

Polka Dot FabricAshley is proud of the swimsuit. And it is ready for the opening of Pool Season!

Bombshell3Bombshell2Ash had agreed to make a beach bag and a new cover up while I made the swimsuit but she fell behind in. We all do that from time to time so I worked on the bag yesterday while she worked on the cover up. Both got done and they looked great.

Beach Bag 1Cover Up 2With all May projects done it is off to enjoy the warm weather, great friends and wonderful food!

Memorial Day Ready 1Memorial Day Ready

Happy Sewing!

PS.. It has been brought to my attention that our lovely US Postal Service can not manage to get everyone’s giveaways to them in a timely fashion. I will be addressing this and see what happened and see if I can get them to get them delivered ASAP. Please let me know if you have not received so I can start the bitching!

Busy Few Days

I realized that I have become very slack in posting so I thought I would sit down and wrap up what I have done over the last several days. First off Mother’s Day was terrific at my house, As you may remember the girls had gotten me the vintage sewing machine cabinet.

cabinet openBut they surprised me with plants and cards. What a great pair of ladies!

flowersWhen the youngest handed me the Grandma card I was kinda shocked since I don’t have grandchildren. But it turned out to be from my Grand Kitties. Thank goodness!

DSCN1311They fixed my favorite meal for brunch. Chili Dogs! Yeah, I eat like a 10 year old. And my other half bought me a wonderful China cabinet. Don’t get excited, he didn’t pick it out ( I did ) and it wasn’t his idea but he did gather friends and got it set up in the dining room. Plus he paid for it!

China CabinetIt is perfect, My Kitties, Markie and Paulie approve and I was finally able to get my Blue Heaven Dishes out of a box and properly displayed.

DisplayPlus this cabinet is now doing double duty, I am using the lower half to store a lot of my fabric in the cabinets, my books, patterns and other important sewing stuff on the shelf. I have finally gotten rid of the plastic tubs that were on display in my living room!

Sewing DisplayPlus all ‘Giveaway’ fabrics and patterns are packaged and shipped!

packagesNow I have to get started on the Bombshell Bathing Suit!

Life is good!

See everyone later and as always,

Happy Sewing

Giveaway Winners

Thanks for everyone that threw their name in hat for my fabric and pattern giveaway! I have the results listed below. Congrats to everyone!

 Bea from Bea’s Sewing Adventures has won the Shirtweight Chambray


Siri from The Pinhouse Playmate is taking home the green/white Linen Look Fabric

Green White

Tanya from Mrs. Hughes loved the orange gauze so it is her’s.


Hanne over at A New Dress is brave enough to take on the Swimsuit Pattern from McCall’s 6569


Mads who blogs at Life in a ‘Mads’ House also loved the orange gauze and luckily I was able to dig through my stash to find another 3 yards.


Simon and Sophie’s owner over at ‘I made it!’ is the winner of the Simplicity’s Jiffy Pattern, 1609.


I will need all of your addresses so I can get them mailed out. I am trying to make the trip Saturday morning if at all possible. Since most of you live in other countries I have no idea how they will take to find their way to your part of the world but rest assured they will find their way to you. Click on the ‘About Me’ section for my email address.

All of you have made me smile and brought joy to my heart with your comments. I feel as if I have now have ‘personal’ friends all over the world and for this I am forever grateful.

Weekend Progress!

Good morning everyone out there in the blogisphere! I am feeling like a lost child here. I purposely did not blog, read a blog, or even check my email for the last four days after completing the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I was excited to take a break from the written word, or so I thought. I found it so hard not to check on someone’s progress, their daily inspirations, or simply sneak a peek into someone’s world. I am so addicted!

My four days has not gone without productivity though. The Kentucky Derby was this weekend and my oldest daughter, Ashley, needed help finishing her blouse she had planned to wear. There was a huge error in the neck and armhole facings that we had to address so I spent a few hours removing seams and correcting what I could. Overall it came out okay. Not her best work but we both learned a few things.


She also volunteered to make potato salad, deviled eggs and buffalo chicken dip for forty people. Which at my house means that I also volunteered my services. The cooking was crazy and the cleanup was insane. Overall a successful cooking session, she noted that everyone loved the food she fixed and no one got sick or died from food poisoning.

I managed to finish my dress for the Simple Dress Challenge that Diane is hosting at VintageZest,  This challenge is due on June 4, yep that is right! I am a month ahead of schedule on it.! WOOT WOOT. There is plenty of time left to grab a button and participate. If you don’t have a blog you can still join her Facebook group, Stitch Once, Rip Twice and show off your creation there. Again not my best work, I swear there is always something I want to correct or wish I had done differently.


I do love her name on the dress.

IMG_1107The cat designs on the pockets.


The adorable buttons I found to complete the garments.


After the scalloped hem fiasco I was so disillusioned, but Annette from Mrs Toad Sews commented that I should try a scalloped stitch from my machine as the hem. It looks perfect! What a great idea. Thanks!



Today is the last day to get your projects finished for Rochelle’s Sew for Victory 2.0. There are so many great vintage inspired outfits out there! From simple house dresses to elegant suits the ladies participating has pulled out all of the stops. Make sure and check out her flickr group and check out everyone’s creations. I had a great time creating this one, my youngest daughter, Stefanie, loves vintage clothing. Yesterday she was already talking about a new vintage outfit she wants!

Also I have thrown my hat in the ring to play along with The Monthly Stitch‘s challenge. This is an easy one ladies, your only requirement is stretch fabric. This would be a great time to pull out your serger and join in. I am using the Bombshell bathing suit that was so popular last summer in the online sewing community. I know, I know, I am a late starter but hopefully this will only take the month of May.


Tonight when I get home I will be packing up fabrics and requesting email addresses for my giveaway and follow up with a post about the winners! Thanks to everyone who follows along as I post my successes and failures as I sew my way through life.

See everyone tomorrow and as always,

Happy Sewing


April 30 – Giveaway to Celebrate 30 Days!

Thirty days ago I signed on to do the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I joined because it said it would create a daily habit, help you create connections and interact  with others, and be accountable with motivation. I have sat back today, reflecting long and hard about this challenge, what I had learned, what I had found, and what will happen now.


I have learned to think about a challenge before I jump off the ledge and into the pool. Think about the actual time it is going to take. When taking on this mission on I was sure that it would be an easy thirty days. I had so much to say, so much information to give, how could I not complete this task. It started out easy enough, but by the 5th or 6th day I knew I was in trouble. I struggled to find a coherent post, one that I thought was interesting enough to make some one ponder. Day 15 found the struggle real. What was I thinking, should I just quit and sink back into my corner of obscurity and pretend like I had never clicked the join in button. I forged on.. At Day 20 my posts became later and later, some being completed in thewee hours of the morning that was technically the next day. I found myself laying in bed at night, thinking over what was I going to say tomorrow, how would I fill those blank pages with thoughts. Finally the light at the end of the tunnel appeared by the 25th day. Only 5 more posts! I was nearing the finish line and what a wonderful sight it was.

Now here I am, the last and final post of this challenge. It is over, the finish line has been crossed, the victory dance is on. “Think before you commit” are words I will learn to live by.

I found that I wasn’t a great writer. Words do not flow as my fingertips race across the keyboard, my thoughts are scrambled. I love to read and deep inside my head was the thoughts “I could do that, I could write the great american novel, I could become a famous author, people running to grab my next book that was on the Best Sellers Review”. Hmm.. Not so much. I found that 30 days seemed like a lifetime, that sometimes you should perhaps look before you leap. I found a new respectfor people that have a great blog, posts that are informative or just plain fun. The time it takes to sit down and gather you thoughts, post them on screen and add pictures as needed is sheer talent. The dedication is strong and for that I commend all bloggers! I found great blogs out there that perhaps I would never found had I not accepted this challenge. I found a great sewing community that are so ready to share and help as I struggle to create the next garment.

What is next? I am not sure about this.. My thoughts change from day to day as my life changes. I do know that I will not be writing every day. I will gather my thoughts and information carefully, trying to write a more coherent post, one that is worth reading. I will still be a hoarder of fabrics, notions and patterns. I will still have too many projects on the table, I will still have too many ideas in my head. But not every thought, or project needs to be turn into the written word.

Thanks to all the ladies that have responded, kept me going when I wanted to quit. Without you I would have thrown in the towel fabric swatches. I apologize for posts of redundant meaningless chatter that I have subjected you to. Thanks to all that actually took the time to comment, like or was brave enough to follow me.

I have done a little pattern and fabric sorting and will be offering these pieces up for a giveaway for those of you who want them. I bought all of this fabric when great plans in mind, the next greatest fashion design idea. Unfortunately neither of my daughters liked the fabric or the pattern that I selected. So they were stored in boxes, lonely and useless in my household. But perhaps in your household you will find a use for them.

Here is my offerings as a way to thank each and every one of you.

ChambrayI thought this was going to make a great button up shirt for my oldest . I love the colored detailed in the fabric.. She did not.

OrangeI really wanted to create a airy summer dress but not one of my daughters loved the orange like I did.

Green WhiteGreat dress material. It is lightweight but has enough hand to make a nice dress.. They said “not so much”.

PurpleMy oldest daughter wanted a swimsuit and loved it until I bought it, she did not care for the design after all.

Anyone interested in patterns? All of them are brand new.

The first two patterns are sized for larger women

Pattern DuoThe next three are for smaller frames

Pattern Trio Anyone interested in owning any of these items leave me a comment. Everyone has seven days. I will then pack up and ship. This giveaway is open to everyone! If no one wants them I will throw them back into my stash. Remember that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

So I sign off tonight with a sense of both relief and sadness. It is finally over.

See everyone tomorrow and as always,

Happy Sewing


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