Let’s Embroidery on Toilet Paper!

As many of you know I have a Brother SE400 and while it sews great I also have the option to do machine embroidery. The more embroidery I do the more I love it. If you think you might be interested in trying machine embroidery now is the time to get yourself a machine. For … Continue reading Let’s Embroidery on Toilet Paper!


It’s Fall Y’all!

The last few days have been consumed with creating yet another garden Flag. I love embroidering on burlap! It is so easy, it weathers well in the outside elements, and there are several ways to finish the hems. I belong to a Facebook group called Resources for Free Machine Embroidery Designs, Sales, Tutorials, Networking. If you are interested in learning, looking for tutorials, … Continue reading It’s Fall Y’all!

Giveaway Winners

Thanks for everyone that threw their name in hat for my fabric and pattern giveaway! I have the results listed below. Congrats to everyone!  Bea from Bea's Sewing Adventures has won the Shirtweight Chambray Siri from The Pinhouse Playmate is taking home the green/white Linen Look Fabric Tanya from Mrs. Hughes loved the orange gauze … Continue reading Giveaway Winners

Weekend Progress!

Good morning everyone out there in the blogisphere! I am feeling like a lost child here. I purposely did not blog, read a blog, or even check my email for the last four days after completing the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I was excited to take a break from the written word, or so I thought. … Continue reading Weekend Progress!