My first Post

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I have decided perhaps writing a blog will give me the push I need at times to get projects done.  I stalk several blogs and am always in awe to their dedication to making entries complete with pictures of all of their lovely sewing projects.  One day I hope to be as dedicated.

I have a couple of projects in progress.  One is for my oldest daughter.  It is a swimsuit top.  There is no pattern but am using a worn out top as a guide.  Hopefully I will get it done before summer is over and she doesn’t need it.

As you will soon learn if you visit my blog is that I am a procrastinator, I am a pattern and fabric hoarder and have so many projects in my head and one day I will get them all done, but in the meantime I scour the flea markets, goodwill, online estate sales and yard sales looking for vintage patterns.  I visit local fabric stores and add to my ever growing pile of material.


One thought on “My first Post

  1. Gjeometry says:

    Welcome to the world of blogging. I started my blog in December, 2012, so am pretty new, but have just been loving it. The sewing blogosphere is a wonderful place! I’m following your blog here on wordpress.

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