A Sew Along!

I have never participated in a sew along before but I have read and watched the blogs with envy. Today I came across Coletterie’s blog and saw the Hawthorne dress pattern.  What a lovely summer dress and my youngest daughter will look wonderful in it.  I can’t wait to dive in and  work along with others as we create beautiful curve hugging feminine shirt dresses!  Sarai , owner and creator of Colette Patterns,will be instructing us on bust adjustments, shoulder adjustments and many other challenges along the way.  I am so excited!  If you have never checked out her blog or her patterns be sure to do so.  She definitely has an eye for a woman’s body and what looks good on it.


PS…  Don’t forget that Project Runway Season 12 starts July 18!



One thought on “A Sew Along!

  1. notesonaneedle says:

    Thanks for looking at my site, i will follow you right back! I am new to blogging but have done the sew alongs, there is SO much great information…Colette’s tutorials are the best out there! Can’t wait to see your project!

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