Saturday Frustrations

I have received my tracking codes for both my fabric and pattern for the sewing challenge. Pattern should be here Monday, which is just in time to start my muslin draft for fitting!  Monday is Full and Small bust adjustments so I should be just a little behind if any.  Am expecting my fabric to arrive on Wednesday. Just in time for my middle of the week day off or 4th of July.  While most will be planning picnics and fireworks I will be planning for a day of creating. Since I have decided to pair my Hawthorne dress with a red belt and red shoes my youngest daughter made a trip to Zappos for a pair of red flats to wear with the dress but has not found what she is looking for quite yet.

Blog trolling today I came across another great site, Strikes My Fancy.  She has been writing a series on fitting and it is very informative. I will be spending the rest of the evening catching up with all of the entries. 

Happy Sewing All!



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