Hawthorn Pattern Arrival!

Today I raced home from work, no working even one minute past closing time, and there it was. The package was sitting in my mailbox.  I was so excited.  I hurried in, ignoring the bills that arrived as well, and cut open the package. I have never sewn or even owned a Colette Pattern and cringed when I originally purchased this pattern, it was more that I normally pay for a pattern, usually I watch for one of the major pattern companies to go on sale for a dollar or two and buy my patterns then. I was pleasantly surprised with the packaging. I love the cardboard envelope, the instructions written in booklet form, the special page for your own notes with the pocket for the pattern pieces. It was worth every penny that I paid for it. Plus I found a note on the package that says a portion of all proceeds from this pattern go to animal welfare. I certainly got my monies worth. Plus Colette Patterns has a tutorial section on their site for different techniques used for their patterns, that is certainly something that you don’t get with major pattern companies


First step was to gather my iron, my muslin, my marking pin and scissors. Didn’t take long to get the bodice all pressed out, pinned and cut out. I have stitched it and it is hanging on my dress form, Hopefully my daughter, Stefanie, will come by after work tomorrow evening so I can try it on her.


Below you will find my two assistants. They are always willing to lend a paw or two.

ImageThis is my tabby cat, Markie. He is 4 years old and makes sure I am doing everything properly.

ImageThis is my brown kitty. His name is Paulie. He is always more interested in getting his picture taken.


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