One step closer

Yesterday was a tough evening for me. I got home to find my kitty Paulie was not well. He wasn’t his usual spunky self, he wouldn’t eat any of his food, and wasn’t drinking. Sick with worry I could not enjoy anything. I ended up with 6 saucers on the floor, one for each of his favorite foods and nothing. When I finally gave up on his eating I went to bed and he curled up with me.

This morning was a whole new day. He awoke hungry and happy. Not sure what was wrong but was so glad to see him back to his old self.

Yesterday I was asked to participate in testing a messenger bag pattern for Anna at charmed Liebling. It is an adorable bag with plenty of versatility. I have read over the instruction sheets and it seems pretty concise and well written, I will keep you posted on my progress during the upcoming weeks. Be sure to check out her site, she has both finished projects as well as patterns for wallets, bags and laptop cases and her blog not only has a few free patterns along with ideas for fabric uses and much more.Image


Now on to the Hawthorn Project. Stef came by this evening and tried on the bodice, It has to be taken in on the side seam by an inch (She refused pictures). I had chosen to cut out a size 2 because of her bust size and there doesn’t look like there will be alterations to that. A simple deeper seam on the sides will be pretty easy and I think if I had chosen a Size 0 I would have ended up doing a bust alteration. Even with the deeper sewn seams the front darts seem to fall into the right spot. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

My fabric arrived today as well. YEAH!!  I love it and so did Stef. She loved the fact that the chambray has the look of light gray denim and her favorite part was the swiss dots. She is a big fan of polka dots so this is the perfect fabric for her. ImageImage

Tomorrow is the 4th of July and I will be spending it working on my dress. I hope to get in a shopping trip to a couple of the local fabric stores as well since they are having some great sales and I can justify the trip because I need fabric for the message bag project. Perhaps I can find a red fabric that would go with the dress since we are adding red shoes and belt.

More tomorrow night!


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