Final Steps

No post since last Monday morning but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on the dress. Stefanie could not come by again for a fitting til Thursday and I think things will turn out well.

Finished up the armholes with my homemade bias tape. I should have steamed them and shaped them to accommodate the placement but I didn’t and I really struggled to get them right. They are not the best work I have done but quite frankly I didn’t want to take them out and start all over.  Image

Got the buttonholes are done. I really hate buttonholes and I was terrified to do them. Thank goodness my Brother sewing machine has a one step buttonhole setting and after making about 8 samples I tackled the job. It wasn’t too bad. I did put a little Fray Chek on them both before cutting and afterwards. I am hoping it makes them hold up during use. Image

Settled in to watch a little television and sew all of buttons on. We did not use all of them as required on the pattern but Stefanie is just under 5′ tall so we ended up cutting almost 6″ off the bottom. Thank goodness. I hate showing on shank buttons. Image

Final step was getting the hemming completed and attaching my label along with a couple of extra buttons I think I am all set for the shopping trip for red shoes and belt. Image

I love to finish my completed work with a label. Most fabric stores have generic labels that say things like Hand Made by or Created by but I wanted something a little more original or custom. I searched the internet and found several sources for custom labels but sometimes the prices were a little scary or the order requirements were overwhelming. Finally I came across a place on Etsy called Jennifer’s Jewels. She makes custom labels, with choices of satin, woven and diaper labels. She has a website set up where you can design your own labels using numerous colorful templates of designs and fonts but she is also willing to take your artwork and create your labels as well. She does offer several sizes so you can get just what you want. The price is very reasonable.

I chose a woven label that measured 1″ by 2.5″. They arrived and I can’t say enough about the quality of her work. The design I chose was a black cat with red letters that say ‘Made by Mom’. The lines on the design are crisp and well defined. I threw one in the washing machine and after several loads of clothes they still hold the color. My order was for 30 labels and was less then $18 with no shipping charges.

Like any artist you certainly want to sign your completed project These labels will certainly provide the finishing touch!


2 thoughts on “Final Steps

  1. Melody says:

    Wow – I love this dress, I really wish I had one, it looks amazing!

    Also, You entered my giveaway on Bourbon and Bras and won both the McCalls 7521 and the Simplicity 7384! Congratulations!

    You didn’t leave an email, however, so if you can drop and email with your address to melodymae[at]me[dot]com, I’ll get the patterns out to you as soon as possible!

  2. ksgentry says:

    Thanks so much for wonderful compliment. I am excited about winning a couple of your wonderful patterns you are willing to part with. I emailed my physical address to you! Thanks.

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