In My Opinion – Project Runway 12 – Episode 1

Anticipation.. I have been counting the days to the opening episode to Project Runway. I was able this season to catch the introduction of the designers. I already have a couple of my favorites. Of course this is based on their aesthetic and not their overall personalities. Sometimes you can be a wonderful designer but ‘ don’t play well with others ‘. For me it is a huge flaw that I just can’t get past. I loved Miranda, Angela and Bradon’s initial designs.

Timothy’s design was the worst of the night. And don’t give me that “sustainability-focused fiber artist” when you are on the runway in blinged out high heel shoes. His model looked like a poorly dressed cinderella, and him trying to tell her how to walk with no shoes or makeup. Doesn’t he realize that the models also have a win situation. I am glad she stood her ground but she looked like she wanted to cry.

My favorite line of the evening was delivered by Zac Posen referencing Sandro’s garment “She looks like a slutty cat toy”. Well said and well deserved!

I have already lost one of my favorites when they booted Angela. Yeah, her design was not much of a design, but Miranda, who was also one of my favorites did not follow the rules. This was an “Unconventional Material” challenge. How can over 80 percent of the design be not of the required material and still get a pass. Why are you giving Tim Gunn’s more of a role in the decision of who is IN and who is OUT and not take what he said as advice. He warned her and she snubbed his opinion. And now Heidi, Zac and Nina has snubbed Tim’s opinion. Guess we will see that this all plays out through out the season.

I have been working on my test pattern for the messenger bag but I have lost my charger for my camera so I have no pictures. Plus we are still waiting on fed ex to deliver the shoes too.



One thought on “In My Opinion – Project Runway 12 – Episode 1

  1. Is Everyone an Idiot but Me? says:

    I agree, I feel like they should have cut Miranda to send a message, because she basically said ‘f you’ to the challenge, the judges, and her fellow designers and did what she wanted. And nobody seemed to care until Tim pointed it out to them. They are sending a message that you don’t actually have to follow the rules as long as what you make looks good in the end.

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