Hawthorn Dress – Completed!

Shoes have arrived, belt is trimmed to fit and dress it on. I have completed and posted my pictures to the Flickr group for your approval. I took pictures both inside and out, much to my daughter’s disgust. I promised to crop her head off all the pictures but she doesn’t know what my blog is called so I think I am safe.


It looks wonderful on her. She loves it as much as I do. I will be using this pattern again but the next time I will try to be more creative. This has been one of the easiest patterns that I have worked with and cannot say enough things about the Hawthorn Dress Pattern by  Colette Patterns.

Now it is time to finish my messenger bag that I have referenced for over a month and is still not completed. Stay tuned…



4 thoughts on “Hawthorn Dress – Completed!

  1. Zoe says:

    Wow I love the dress so much! I think I would be a similar age to your daughter, seeing the dress on someone a little younger really makes me want to make a Hawthorn now. I always have a tendancy to crop my face out too, but your daughter looks pretty so she doesn’t need to!

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