In My Opionion – Project Runway 12 – Episode 2

Let’s start by talking about Sandro. I really think that Sandro needs anger management, poor Justin had to pull his hearing aids out. At that moment others may have been envious that he was able to do that. He can’t turn on the steamer? Sandro, “do you really think that the producer should do that for you? He is not your personal assistant.”  He was quickly becoming one of my least favorite but then I saw a softer side of him when he was upset for Helen, coming to her defense. It quickly changed my opinion of him, well.. at least for now. And his dress wasn’t that bad, just way to much trim accents.

Which leads me to Helen. Her bragging agitated me, her constant advice in the work room was annoying and her dress was horrible. What was up with that shredded material that graced the hips? I thought she had forgotten to cut the loose threads off. Why would someone of that caliber, she says she makes evening gowns and this challenge is her forte, take on a style that she had never created before, especially when she only had one day. Never done bust cups and try to take that project on? Really? I can accept that a novice would try that, hell.. I have done that, letting my mouth overload my abilities in a short completion time frame, but again I am not a professional. And then to break down on the runway before your dress even made it to the floor, to have the show stop so that Tim could console her?  Was the judges swayed by her tears and uncontrollable sobbing? Michael Kors said it best in season 10, “Fashion is not for sissies!” She should have been sent home!

Oddly enough I liked Jeremy’s gown. He said the tulle would make it float down the runway and it did. He was kind to Timothy and tried to point him in a better direction. I was surprised that it didn’t make it higher on the totem pole but then again, that is just my opinion.

Next we have Timothy, our little trash can picking, ‘sustainability’ designer. His statement of “I’m not inspired by jewelry. I’m not inspired by money. We have to pick the prettiest diamond, and I think that that’s very superficial.” made me want to gag. Have you never watched a project runway episode? It is not your money! It is Project Runway’s money! What are you saving it for? You may not last another episode. Use the money and buy some decent fabric. His design was odd and clearly looked like it was worn backwards but at least Tim Gunn saved his ass by give him advice about that stupid ‘block’ cover on the original design. And we all have to admit it was so much better than the episode 1 disaster.

We have a designer in house that can’t thread a sewing machine? Really? Does Sue have someone at home do that for her? And then to complain that some one changed her thread, did she think that she was so special that should have her own personal machine, just waiting for the ‘princess‘ to sit and sew. Dom tried to help her but she was an ungrateful…  Well.. let’s just leave it at that. Her dress was simple, elegant but predictable. This is Project Runway, simple and elegant never steals the show.

I liked Dom’s dress, I loved the use of the print but was it a ‘glamorous evening look’?  I say no. Tim hit the nail on the head when he remarked something to the effect of a gold digging floozy in beachwear (?) in the workroom. It didn’t have to turn into that, but unfortunately it did. What was with those hanging over one arm straps with the matching headband. Sometimes less it more.

Kate’s dress was a typical winning Project Runway design. Her fabric matched her jewelry impeccably, she clearly made a glamorous evening gown. But that being said, she should. She has been here before, she knows what the time restrictions are like, she knows what plays out well on the runway, she has stood before the judges on many occasions. This is experience that watching Project Runway can’t give you. She clearly has the advantage. It isn’t that I don’t think she can’t create beautiful clothing, and it really sucked for her last year that is was a team challenge Project Runway. Many people don’t play well with others, look at the winner, Michelle Lesniak Franklin. She hated teams, she voiced her opinion many times, she didn’t get along with many. Quite frankly she wasn’t much of a team player but she played the game well and ended up on top.  So do I think it is fair? No!   But tonight Kate took home the win.

And finally yes, I have to admit that Kahindo’s dress did not fit the jewels nor the challenge. Yes, it did look like it came from a “sale” rack. Yes, the sewing technique wasn’t there. No, it wasn’t a runway gown. It would have been given a better critique if she had chosen her material carefully.  Her only saving grace was that she used Tim’s advice and put the overlay on it to tone down the material. But to send her home? Again..LOOK AT HELEN’S MESS!


One thought on “In My Opionion – Project Runway 12 – Episode 2

  1. Is Everyone an Idiot but Me? says:

    I agree, Helen’s dress was the worst out of all of them – that poor model keeps ending up in the bottom! I thought it was kinda ridic that they stopped the runway show to comfort Helen. She is a big girl, she can cry in silence and let her fellow designers comfort her until she explains herself to the judges. It’s not like she needed medical attention or anything. I am curious to see if she redeems herself this week.

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