Nothing to do with Sewing!

Tonight I am bursting with pride. This is not about sewing at all but has to do with my sister, Marilyn. She has a new job to celebrate and I just wanted to give her a shout out. After graduating from high school she started as a ‘cub’ reporter almost 34 years ago at our hometown newspaper, taking on gathering the news, writing the story and taking the photos needed. Working long hours she made small strives through the ranks for the next few years, all along dreaming of working on a larger, more prestigious newspaper. Early in her career she applied for a job at a much larger newspaper but was told that without a degree in Journalism her career was at a stand still. She did not let that stop her. She worked hard, learning her craft along the way, making her way through the journalism world, moving from our hometown to a larger city where she held her own against all those journalists with degrees. She finally settled at a newspaper in Jacksonville, Florida where she worked her way up the corporate ladder to finally hold the position as  managing editor for news audience for The Florida Times-Union and After 27 years there she will be leaving to take a new position at The Daily Record as Editor.

She is a wonderful writer, very eloquent and precise. She is well respected by her peers and loved by all those that have worked with and for her. She is a fair person but expects the best from every one of her journalists and they all want to please her. She has been selected one of the top 50 most influential people in Jacksonville.


I just can’t say enough about her. She is such a wonderful sister and friend.

P.S. She is also a Kenny Rogers fanatic. Check out her article here.


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