In My Opinion – Project Runway – Episode 3

Where do I start, this season has had more tears than any other season that I have watched. What is going on there. Again I have to say.. “FASHION IS NOT FOR SISSIES!”. Perhaps the workroom should add that statement to the walls, along with Alexander McQueen, Giorgio Armani, and Coco Chanel’s statements. People, get a handle on your emotions!

Coney Island, games, cheesy prizes, descriptive words and the notorious button bag made for an interest twist to this episode. I am beginning to think the button bag may be rigged when they select teams. What are the odds that the one person one designer does not want to work with has to. I am not a mathematician but…

Some teams choose their game prizes carefully, fully understanding what colors and textures would make an easier challenge, some just were not thinking.

Ken and Jeremy’s prize selection gave them the weave from the sombrero, the fabric from a stuffed animal and plastic from the blow up toys. Nice choice guys, your outfit looked wearable in a unconventional sort of way. I really don’t know why they didn’t rate higher.

Karen and Bradon also an assorted selection of materials to work with but it was, well… safe. But of course that is better than on the bottom.

I was expecting more out of Alexander and Justin, but they chose the standard blow up toy material in blues and greens. Heidi Klum was right, edit.. edit..edit…

Sandro and Sue, what can I say… Boring.. boring.. boring. I have begun a love hate relationship with Sandro. I was shocked by his ‘women listening to men’ statement. Are all Russians like this or is it just him, he is clearly a chauvinist. And Sue, seriously, spend some time after the workroom closes to learn to thread a sewing machine, episode three and you still need help? And where is your backbone girl?, why let him walk over top of you and take it. You are giving modern women a bad name.

Dom and Alexandria’s Coney Island Prize dress was just that. It looks like they could have gutted one of those stuffed toys and just threw it on their model. Maybe Kelly Osborne and Heidi Klum would wear it but I don’t know anyone else that would, unless of course it is Halloween and you are attending a costume party.

Kate and Helen’s choice of sombreros all in one color, along with a kite (we all know where that is going, can we say ‘corset’ )  was a smart choice They were able to construct a dress that was very avant-garde. There was the mandatory corset, everything that Kate creates begins with that, but at least this time it was hidden. Helen certainly redeemed herself with a great design and conceding that perhaps Kate was not the ‘bitch’. After all Kate handed her the win and she needed it.

Which leaves me with the team of Miranda and Timothy. The fabric that Timothy created wasn’t really that bad, but perhaps they should have used it in the dress design instead of as a jacket. The concept was there, the execution was not. I liked when he changed their design to pants and top too but since this was a team challenge perhaps he should have consulted his teammate. I understood why Miranda went into a rage, but she didn’t really have to be so mean! And when several of the other designers laughed and egged her on, well.. shame on them too. I was also surprised by their chose of prizes. I don’t know this for a fact but I would think that plastic would not be considered a sustainable fabric. Perhaps they should have given the sombreros another look. And what was up with the unicorn (not part of the horse family but is part of a rhino family? really? Ask any little girl and she will say “WRONG”). Perhaps they would not have ended up on the bottom if they had ripped off the pretty little unicorn head and used some of that fabric in the challenge. Timothy is clearly very immature, overly sensitive and needs to grow up before he takes on something as stressful as Project Runway. I have to admit I am glad he finally went home.


2 thoughts on “In My Opinion – Project Runway – Episode 3

  1. Hanne says:

    Ha, I was thinking exactly the same thing about the sustainability of the plastic. (it kills birds!) I do like watching project runway though. I have to disagree on the monsterface sweater. I kind of liked it. For a young girl or child, that is. Wouldn’t wear it myself, but I liked the fact they didn’t went “completely serious and high fashion”.

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