In My Opinion – Project Runway – Episode 4 and a few other things

Sorry for the delay in this post. I thought I had posted it already but it was laying dormant in my draft folder. So here it is, in all it’s glory. Just in time for another episode of Project Runway to air tonight!

Sandro finally had the nervous breakdown in episode 4. And now he is gone. POOF, into thin air. Perhaps it is all for the best. He was a time bomb waiting to explode. He got into a pissing contest with Helen. They both thought their time in front of the judges was the worst. Helen was told that she was lucky that she had immunity this week, and she was, and that perhaps the win last week should have went to Kate because Helen has managed to be on the bottom too many times before. Boo Hoo for her. Her dress was not that great, no one saw the design in the center of the dress was an untied bow tie and the bow tie straps looked like an after thought.  And Sandro thought it was terrible that Zac Posen told him this was not Project Runway Student Edition, and no one will tell him what to make to gain a win. Geezz.. His dress was not that bad, I loved the colors together but why oh why did you have to made that skirt look like it was half ripped off.  They were both safe, they both should have just shut the f**k up and listen to judges and tried on the next one.

Miranda, she just doesn’t know how to follow directions. Where was the thought of the bow tie or even the bow tie itself, She always just ignores the challenge and does what she wants. Funny, I loved her portfolio that put her on Project Runway but time restraints is not her best friend. And when Tim Gunn said to sex it up he didn’t mean to trash it up.

Ken’s dress was nice, the bow ties used in the seams in front was nice but you wouldn’t know what the challenge was by looking at it but it was a good safe dress.

Kate made an outfit that was not a corset! WOW. And to have only made pants once before, I am impressed. They fit well, and the top was adorable. Nice job and very graceful way to accept that you did not win. Perhaps others should have taken your cue.

Karen seems to be the quiet designer in the rear, someone no one notices, quietly, safely making it through the challenges. But there are less contestants and soon everyone will notice her, While her outfit wasn’t bad, her pants just seemed weird to me. The front of them looked as if she had an apron on. Hope she is taking notes and learning.

Justin is another designer who quietly sits in the back, floating through the challenges. His dress  also used the bow ties in the seams like Ken and using the same shape of the design as Helen. I did love the use of the polka dot fabrics in different sizes.  Less designers makes for tough times to come and I hope he can step up to the challenge.

Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy.. I am sorry that your grandmother passed away on Saturday. I understand that you wanted to make something that said Granny and you did but unless your Granny has one hell of a figure that peek-a-boo jacket wasn’t really what she would have worn. Well sewn and loved the colors but where are the bow ties? Another safe but not winning outfit.

Alexandria’s dress did not appear to be well sewn, it was hard to see the bow ties, and plain. The color blocking was a good idea but not well executed.

Alexander’s outfit was very cute, I loved the use of the bow ties around the color like a mane of a lion. I loved that fact that he used so many colors as Dom did. I expect to see more great work from him in the future.

Dom’s dress was beautiful and well made. She certainly deserved to be on top this week. She certainly gave Bradon a run for his money this week. I am sure the judges had a hard time picking the winner this week. Loved the strips and how the stripe was chevron styled. Nice listening to Tim Gunn.

Sue, why try to make two dresses at once. I only caught a glimpse of the other dress but it had to look better than what you put on the runway. Really, all that money and you end up with some cheap black jersey. And what where you thinking with garland of bow ties over it. I understand the theory, I think, but perhaps you should have not wasted time on the other dress and spent more time on that cob web looking trail of mess.

Several designers got a reprieve because of Sandro, perhaps they should send him ‘Thank You’ cards. Not sure who would have been out but certainly the axe was going to fall on a well deserved mess.

Congrats to Bradon on his win and his upcoming nuptials. His outfit did use the bowties in a fashion forward way. I loved it.

More from this past week!

First I found a package in the mail this week from Sew News. I won a wonderful child’s pattern and a book of sewing of projects for children. I love their magazine and I love their sewing community, Sew District. Be sure to check both web sites. Very creative ideas.

ImageI talked my oldest daughter into trying her hand at sewing. She has a friend with a new baby and there is a contest at Pattern Review that is underway called Sewing for Children.  We shopped today for a pattern, yes.. Joann’s has all McCall’s patterns on sale for 70 cents, and fabric. She chose a cute little yellow and gray floral print for the dress bodice with a coordinating chevron for the skirt. and a gray fabric for the dress lining. She will be adding a white grosgrain ribbon tie and white lace at the bottom. She started this afternoon and figured out that extra fabric is needed when matching up patterns is needed. Needless to say it was back to Joann’s for another yard of fabric. Thank goodness it was on sale. I am funding this first project! LOL.  After a couple of attempts to pin the pattern pieces to the fabric she finally got it cut out. She also accomplished getting the bodice completed today along with getting the sides of the skirt sewn. She quickly learned that the seam ripper was going to be her best friend as well. The first seam on the skirt showed that the strips did not match up but after a couple of attempts she got it done. I am proud of her and what she got done today. She went home after 6 hours completely tired but she was so proud of how things were turning out. The smile on her face when those chevron strips matched up perfectly was priceless.  Pictures to follow tomorrow!


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