In My Opinion – Project Runway – Episode 5 and My Daughter’s project progress!

Another drama filled episode. I sat down last night thinking that with Sandro and Timothy gone it would be a peaceful design filled night on Project Runway, what a shocker that was. But I have to admit that I should have known that Ken would pick up the catty drama filled diva torch and would carry on the Season 12  tradition. I have seen him previously get that ‘roll your eyes and twitch that head’ attitude but thought it was from standing up for an underdog but no.. he showed his true colors last night and I definitely don’t like his color palette. His team was doomed from the moment he was paired with designers that he felt was beneath him. I saw a comment that thought that Alexandria’s chauffeur comment was perhaps racist but I just that she was trying to appease him, making him feel more in charge and hopefully making an easier team effort. Clearly that did not work.

Tim Gunn was definitely disgusted by Team Losers designs, and I loved his comment ‘This makes me sick’. Don’t think I have ever heard Tim make a comment like that but he was right. The designs were not that good and there was certainly no cohesiveness.

Glad to see Sue leave, it is not that she isn’t a good designer, she is just not Project Runway material. She sews by hand and needs plenty of time to design and produce a garment. She works differently than most designers. Perhaps she was unaware  of what PR was.

While I was glad to see Jeremy get a win I am not so sure that the judges choice was the right one. As soon as I saw his breast cups I was reminded of Helen’s try and quite frankly his were not much better.

Dom is getting closer to a win and think she might have pulled it off if not for the spiky dress this week, I liked the spikes (not that I would wear them), they were fashion forward and edgy but she should have created the same look on both shoulders, it looked imbalanced. But watch this girl, she could surprise the other designers, while they all vie for top spot, she is moving quietly up the designer ladder.

Glad to see Sandro comeback to apology, it shows integrity and morals. I am glad that most designers were willing to accept and move past it, thought you could see the look of terror in their eyes when he appeared next to Tim Gunn in the workroom.

My curiosity was peaked by episode 6 clips for next week, clearly it is a very dramatic moment in the workroom, Could it possibly a former designer has met tragedy, there were a lot of guilty looks on faces around the workroom.

My daughter, Ashley, is still hard at it on her baby dress. She has really done an excellent job. This is her first attempt at a garment since she took Home Economics when she was in the 7th grade. That was probably 10 years ago. She is almost finished, with the only thing left to do is finish the bloomers for the dress and a good pressing on the dress. The pattern stated Easy, but I don’t think that something with linings are a beginner’s pattern. Compound that with the chevron fabric and it made for a time consuming garment.

In the Beginning1

We originally started this project hoping to enter it on Pattern Review‘s currently contest, Sewing for Children. The unfortunate thing is that because she was not a member before the contest began she will not be able to enter it. I haven’t broke the news to her, I am afraid that she will become discouraged and quick frankly I am not sure how I am going to handle it. I have searched blogs everywhere, hoping to find a current contest to enter this outfit in but to no avail. Guess I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

Almost Done

Another day and she should have it all done. Then it is time to surprise her friend with the completed outfit and get a couple of pictures on her model. I am so proud of her and she is proud of herself. She is already planning her next project.


2 thoughts on “In My Opinion – Project Runway – Episode 5 and My Daughter’s project progress!

  1. cjgal says:

    I was so happy sue left too! I mean really?sure she “designs in her own way” but has she never seen an episode of project runway and the lines of brother machines? Hello! Learn to sew before you go on a huge designer challenge show. I loved the white wedding dress, I was shocked that they didn’t pick it… Sometimes I wonder about the judges.
    Super cute little dress! I love the chevrons,it will be adorable 🙂

  2. Zoe says:

    The last season of Project Runway that screened in New Zealand was the one where Dmitry won.. I think we are two seasons behind? I’m not sure,
    Tell your daughter congrats on her dress, it’s adorable!

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