Throw Back Thursday

Ellen from It’s a Sewing Life talked about Throw Back Thursday, a phenomenon that has taken Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by storm. She thought that it would be great idea and I thought I would follow suit. I think this is terrific idea!  There is nothing better than reliving wonderful memories and sharing them with others. Digging through my box of memories I came across this snapshot. There isn’t a date but judging from the girls I would say it is about 19 years ago. Geezz.. how old that makes me feel.

Throw Back Thursday

Meet my daughters, Stefanie was 2 and Ashley was 4. We had gone to St. Augustine Florida to visit my sister. I created these outfits for them, Stef’s is appropriately made with Pebbles and BamBam fabric and Ashley’s fabric was troll dolls with bright colored hair! I did notice that Ash was already showing a little cleavage. Through the upcoming months you will understand the significance of this. Those were the days, they loved whatever I made them. Their opinion was my opinion. The days of harmony in my sewing life.


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