In My Opinion – Project Runway – Episode 6

When I saw Tim Gunn come out on the runway in a camouflage suit I was afraid. What an ugly suit on a usually well dressed man. But of course it was for their Glamping Trip. An evening of nature and relaxation should bring harmony and peace to all the designers. Ken complained at first but after a couple of hours he managed to admit that he was enjoying himself and seemed to get along with everyone.  After a wonderful evening and early morning of fresh air paired with the sounds of a babbling brook, beautiful spacious tents, soft cushy beds and gourmet food they return to Manhattan and Mood Fabrics.  They had one day to create a high-end editorial design using nature as their inspiration. Unfortunately this bonding experience did not last once the workroom frenzy began. Ken still carries a lot of animosity towards Alexandria. He can be such a bully, and she is such a wimp. A bully can only ‘bully’ if it is allowed, I screamed to Alexandria “GET SOME BALLS GIRL! TELL HIM TO F**K OFF!” but as usual she tucked her tail between her legs and whimpered. Geezzz……

The runway show was a strange mix ranging from wonderful couture to what in the hell were they thinking. Alexander’s dress was beautiful and I at least saw some of the nature in it with the trees he painted on it, Bradon’s yellow and blue dress was weird and I didn’t really see any nature in it unless you count the colors being sun and sky. His design was a lot like Karen’s but a little worse. Dom’s dress was suppose to represent water but I didn’t really see it, perhaps if the color palette had been different but it was also well made, Helen’s dead moth inspiration dress was just weird like her inspiration. While Jeremy’s dress was sweet and beautiful I again did not see nature in it, And Karen’s inspiration Tent dress was just that .. A tent dress .  Kate’s dress was a giant fluff ball with some kind of weird plastic thing over the bodice and Ken’s dress was well.. I think Zac Posen said it best.. Frog Queen. Miranda’s dress was brown with a few yellow and white floral things at the base, guess I can see nature in it, how she has been able to survive episode after episode is strange to me.

And finally .. Drum Roll Please!  Alexanderia’s ugly denim jacket with that horrible back and the diaper filled pants with a pair of long johns emerging at the bottom making her model’s legs look like stick figure legs wins!? Really? Are the judge’s on crack tonight? Is this High-End? Nature Inspired? Geezz.. I was looking for it to be the losing design. My mouth dropped to the floor when they announced her the winner. Did they feel sorry for her? I know that Ken has been a bitch to her for a few episodes but really?!!

And poor Justin’s dress put him out! The glue gun lace was not a good idea, unless it was perhaps another unconventional challenge. When he told Tim what he was going to do while they were shopping at Mood Tim should have said no! no! no! For god sake’s they were at Mood, I am sure that they had lace that represented the water! It was just plain ugly. He tried to go outside his comfort zone but he went to far out he fell off the cliff. I didn’t want to see Justin go, my tears streamed down my face as I watched all of the designers cry. I was so glad that Tim used his ‘save’ for Justin. It was the perfect time to do so. Justin, please stick with what you do best!

The one thing I picked up on this episode that is driving me crazy?!? Whenever Ken is giving his camera interviews, his eyes shift as if he is reading from cue cards. I don’t notice this with the other designers. So my question is does he write this stuff down because he can’t think of what to say as soon as the camera turns on or are their interviews scripted? Please.. say it isn’t so!!!


5 thoughts on “In My Opinion – Project Runway – Episode 6

  1. karin says:

    I totally agree and thought their judging was so weird this week! I was surprised the didn’t send Karen home – they usually choose ugly and interesting over ugly and boring! I was glad Tim Gunn used his save!

  2. ksgentry says:

    Cristina, I think there is a place on the internet that is called They are suppose to current episodes but don’t know that for a fact. You can watch it through Lifetime but only if you subscribe to a cable company that supports it. I have TWC and they do not. I would hate to think that I couldn’t watch it every week. “SAD FACE”

  3. cjgal says:

    Omg the denim jacket… And the poopy diaper pants!!! Yuck!! We were screaming at the tv, I mean really? I totally thought Alexander was going to win, the judges are starting to lose credibility with me. And I completely agree with you on Miranda, how is that bitch still on the show? She is terrible! And I was happy that Tim used his save but it was so predictable, they gave it away in the previews. Oh PR, how I love you and hate you all at the same time.

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