A Manic Saturday!

I came home after my normal half day at work, with my normal plan of house cleaning, grocery shopping, attending to the litter box, cleaning up the car, getting gasoline, etc.  I do all my chores on Saturday so that I can spend my Sunday sewing and shopping. My oldest daughter, Ashley, also works half days on Saturday had dropped by to do a load or two of laundry. Just a quiet day until she said ” I think I will cut out the pattern for the shirt I want to make”. What I thought was a good idea turned into a manic Saturday! It was a simple shirt pattern that we had bought while they were on sale.  I had a couple of yards of pink, brown and beige leopard print fabric that was semi transparent in my stash. I thought I would be a supervisor in her latest project while I got a little cleaning done. This is only her second project but she was only going to cut it out, right?! Next thing I know she has decided that since this was ‘EASY’ pattern she was going to make this shirt to wear tonight!!

Do you see were this is going? I should have put a stop to it when it got 7 o’clock and she was not near done with it. I should have said that she would not have time to finish this in time to go out with her friends. You know what they say, shoulda, coulda, woulda.. At 8 o’clock she was dead set on wearing it, after all she already had the outfit picked out in her head, and she had done her makeup to match. All of these things added up to getting the shirt done, at least in her head. Finally I took over the project and at 9:30 she came into the room, rubbed my back and in her best “Tim Gunn” voice said, “Do you think you were a little ambitious with this project?”.  At 10:30 pm we ( I ) had it finished, a couple of pictures before she ran out the door, rushing to join her friends, bragging about her wonderful shirt she made.

I was left behind with fabric scraps, threads, pins, and all the other things needed to complete this strung out, waiting to be cleaned up. No groceries bought and no food in the house to eat, car still awaits it’s weekly cleaning and fill up, the kitties are staring at me with the look of “What about the litter box?”, the dishes are still in the sink, the bathroom still needs scrubbed and I am exhausted but the look on her face was priceless and that made it all worth it!



3 thoughts on “A Manic Saturday!

  1. Elena Knits says:

    Hahaha! You made me laugh here, but I guess you did not laugh a lot during the process. I saw myself in that frenzy a couple of times, but there was nobody that could come to the rescue. Truly wonderful mom!! I hope she helped you clean up a bit the day after.

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