In My Opinion – Project Runway – Episode 7

Episode 7 was … boring?! I hate to admit it but I was bored watching this episode. I hate the bitch and drama or so I thought. But after this week I realized that it at least brings something to the table, Most of the designers projects were boring and uninspired. Bradon’s blouse was weird looking and the circle skirt, boring. Dom’s shoes were so ugly and bulky and so was her outfit. Jeremy’s blouse turned sweater was … just plain ugly. And with that short skirt it was guaranteed to be considered ‘Pretty Woman-ish”. Alexandria’s shoes were just ugly and she got the first choice. Out of all those shoes you had to take those, they were as awful as her dress was ho-hum. I was happy to see Justin back on board but why have such great shoes and make a unimaginative outfit to go with them. Please Justin, don’t make Tim think he made a mistake by using his save. Karen’s color coordinated outfit was.. gosh.. how many ways are there to say boring.. What has happened to Kate, has she lost her love for corsets and therefore lost her imagination. Those pants were hideous and the shirt was not much better.  Ken’s was the most interesting in the batch. They matched his shoes and his use of textured fabric was border line genius. Not sure why the judges did not see that. The battle of the tartan plaids were ridiculous. Was Alexander’s that much better than Miranda’s or was the judges just tired of Miranda and her geeky looks.  And come on.. Helen as the winner?! While it made have been well made it should have been. A simple black dress and an ugly cape. My gosh.. she had plenty of time. I can’t believe she won.

Perhaps next week will bring back the real project runway, drama and wonderful designs.


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