In My Opinion – Project Runway – Episode 8

Runway to Treadmill, Heidi is expanding her empire even further with this challenge, using the designers to help create performance wear that is hip for her New Balance clothing line. Tim Gunn looks so cute in his ‘Foot Locker’ outfit while Heidi went with a more casual look when they met up with the designers on an obstacle course to complete. The button bag comes out and the teams are created. Of course Ken has his normal ‘I smell shit’ look on his face and Karen thinks it is because he was paired with her for the race. I think he just hates the outdoors and any physical activity. After the race was won and lost they get to chose their fabric from Heidi’s collection, and back to Parson’s for a one day challenge.

Ken is still pissed about having to be outside, so when Helen met Tim outside the workroom to ask about using the designs as a reference point and won’t tell Ken what she asked he goes ballistic, again. Ken, please, anger management or medication, dude. Get a grip on yourself. He screams, she screams back, the F word was thrown back and forth and then Helen runs off to tattle to Tim. Really? Stabbed on Project Runway?  Ken goes to call his mom, talks with someone at his church, has a chat with Tim and breaks down. now feeling better he apologizes to Helen, and she accepts but you can tell she is reluctant. Come on Helen.. You say that you need to ruffle a few feathers to win PR, I thought you just had to be a good designer. And I think I could actually be starting to like Ken.

After a workroom visit from Heidi and Tim both Ken and Karen scraped their design and started over. Ken felt as if he did not add color Heidi would not be happy and Karen, well.. she used her favorite fluorescent yellow green in an over abundance amount and Heidi made a comment about aliens. Karen’s model tried to give her advice, she got snippy with Karen, and Karen returned the snippyness (no.. that is not a real word).

In my opinion he runway show was actually a nice selection of garments, except Karen’s and Alexandria’s. Karen’s was ill fitting and ill sewn. And why oh why did Alexandria create another pair of ‘poopy’ pants. Michael Kors could not contain his laughter, nor could Nina or Zac. They are hideous. Michael Kors’ statement about no one wanting to hit on you while you were wearing them is an accurate statement. Alexandria’s statement about running over 50 marathons, come on. Did you run any of those marathons in ‘poopy pants’. I think not! But Heidi loves them and it is her challenge so that puts Alexandria on the top three. I was sure that Kate’s garment would take the win, she had color(which is what Heidi asked for) and the jacket was adorable. I loved that she put a zipper in the back as well as the front. Helen’s jacket was nice too but where was the color? The neon green hidden under the black mesh was barely visible. But Helen takes home the win. But at least there will be no more immunity for the rest of the season. Karen takes the lose and has to pack her scissors. Her exit comment about her’s being better than Ken’s? I dont think so. At least his was well sewn. Girl, it was time for you to go.


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