Fall for Cotton and Other Ramblings

My progress on my Fall for Cotton entry, the time is quickly ticking by and I am about 1/3 of the way completed.

Let me start off by saying that never judge a book by it’s cover or in this instance judge a pattern by it’s cover. This pattern that I have chosen for the challenge is McCall’s 4920, circa 1958. The size on this pattern is Junior 15 with a bust and waist size of 35 / 27 . The Colette Hawthorn Pattern shows that a size 4 has the exact same bust and waist size. What a different is sizes, would you rather say I wear a size 15 or size 4?!

Size Comparisons

The next thing I noticed that this dress takes a total of XX pieces and the sewing guide is only one page. How refreshing not to have 3 or 4 double sided instruction sheets to flip through every time you want to take a look at something. But in truth I think I might be a little lost if I had no experience in sewing. I love that they give yardage and a layout of 35″ fabric. The only fabric I see in most fabric stores today with that width is muslin.

Instruction Guide

In the fifties the bodice pieces were called waist pieces, how odd and quite frankly I was a little confused for a second when I read it. And where was all the interfacing? The only interfacing that was to be used was in the collar.

I decided to use french seams to finish the insides instead of lining it,

French Seams

I added another yoke piece so that instead of using an unfinished seam where they joined it would be a clean finish.

Bodice Yoke Finish

I did add interfacing to front facing, no only for stability but because I am using the printed fabric from the skirt to make the front facings and this will help the print from showing through the outside of the bodice.

Front Facing

Will have a bodice fitting Sunday and then it is sleeves and collar installation!

Project Runway Thoughts

After this past weeks episode I have to admit I am relieved to see Ken go, as I am sure that the remaining designers are! To me it wasn’t that his design was the worse, though it wasn’t that great. He used what his PR Super Fan picked out and gave her what she wanted. But he should have explained to her the problems that the fabric would create and lead her towards the right fabric. I was so excited that Justin made it to the top three, it was a wonderful idea to use her signature as the accent on the dress. Helen’s Super Fan was going to be the easiest to make over, it was a dramatic different in her appearance and her dress!


4 thoughts on “Fall for Cotton and Other Ramblings

  1. Hanne says:

    Oh, Project Runway this season is a little boring. Normally there’s at least one design each episode that I want to copy, but this year, I feel like there’s a lot of blah design and a lot of children like tantrums going on. (without the excellent work to make up for it) I hope it gets better… (I still love Tim Gunn though!)
    I am very curious to see your end result!

  2. Elena Knits says:

    Good luck with your project. I’m also working on mine and after being stuck for quite some time it’s possible that I can make it for this weekend.

    I’m already following your daughter too 🙂

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