Flea Market Vintage Finds

Sundays are my day, I try and get all my laundry, mopping and dusting done before Sunday so I don’t feel guilty about my lack of doing anything on Sunday. My oldest daughter, Ashley, and I usually make our way to the local fabric stores but today we decided on a trip to the local flea market and her photo shoot for her entry for the ‘Fall For Cotton” Challenge.

Today was a great success in my flea market finds! I awoke up this morning, thinking about the belt that DSCN0756I was going to attempt to make to pair with my vintage dress and realized the buckle that I had purchased would not work, I had no way to make eyelets for the buckle stay. Hmm.. I had resigned myself to changing the buckle but then … Ashley pulled this package out of a bucket of old sewing supplies at the flea market and ask me what is this? I was so excited I may have actually squealed! It not only installed snaps but also installs eyelets! It was destiny! And there are plenty of different color eyelets in the package to complete my belt! Still digging we found a unopened package of navy bias tape, and some great buttons! Plus I found a great old Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook to add to my collection! Oh yeah!

During the photo shoot for Ash’s apron we got to use my Vintage Stove that I acquired this spring. It is a mid 60’s Frigidaire Flair Stove. My mother had one when we were children and I have always loved it. I was lucky enough to locate a beautiful model in Cincinnati Ohio in May! I have even managed to acquire a measuring cup that Frigidaire used as a color chart for the Flairs! I love this stove! You will probably recognized it from the ‘Bewitched‘ Show, yes, that is right Samantha Stevens owned one too! What makes a Flair Stove so special? It has pull out burners, gulf winged oven doors and was a futuristic designed stove that was way before it’s time! It came with standard ‘Heat Minder’ Control for the oven and the larger front burner. The front smaller burner has speed heat and really boils water quick. Some models came with a rotisserie and temperature probe so that every roast came out perfectly cooked. This stove has been featured on some episodes of Mad Men and TLC’s Four Houses, also you can find one in the Kansas Museum of History in Topeka. Frigidaire advertisement tag line was “Happiest Thing that Happened to Cooking …and you!” and I totally agree! Everything on my unit works except my clock (sad face), proving what a great well made long lasting stove it was!

Flair Stove ClosedFlair Stove BurnersFlair Stove Storage

You will see more on my stove as soon as Ashley posts her Fall for Cotton apron she has created on her recently created blog,  Ashley Kat, about that. We had a great time taking the photos.


4 thoughts on “Flea Market Vintage Finds

  1. cjgal says:

    That’s awesome! I always find great sewing supplies at the flea market (and sometimes yard sales) and I too squeal with joy! The eyelet snap gadget is terrific! Cant wait to see your daughters apron photos, I’m sure she looks adorable 🙂

  2. ksgentry says:

    My stove is my most prized possession, when I had it installed (thing weighs over 300 lbs) everyone commented on what great meals I would be cooking, I laughed and explained I wasn’t going to waste it on cooking, I didn’t want to wear it out!

  3. Ripple Dandelion says:

    That stove! It’s like its own little universe–especially how it sets in that beautiful nook. Can’t wait to see more pictures of it when you show the apron. Having the stove from your childhood–and the same one as Samantha Stevens!–is so special.

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