What to do next?

I have lived through the Fall for Cotton Challenge, it feels good to be done. But now what? There are a couple of challenges that started yesterday. Do I jump right back into the fire or take this month off to catch my breath. Hell.. I like the fire and frenzy, I am ready to jump.

Now to make the choice, is it the Monthly Stitch’s Frocktober, a challenge to create a dress (my pattern stash is full of beautiful patterns calling my name, all waiting patiently to become a creation of my own)


Then there is the Red October Challenge, the name says it all. Create a garment using red. I love red, it is my favorite color.


Are there other choices out there? The calender dates are ticking away. I must make a decision soon. Another frantic month of procrastination, panic and sewing. Sounds normal to me!

I also noticed that the Craftsy blog is taking votes for the best blogs out there. The categories are Sewing, Quilting, Knitting & Crochet, Cake Decorating, Photography, Embroidery, Fine Art, and Food & Cooking.


Make sure you vote for your favorite blogger!


5 thoughts on “What to do next?

  1. Elena Knits says:

    I have to say that September left me exhausted and I’m not taking so well that Fall is already here. This time I’ll pass since I need to start and finish a couple of projects for Koen and myself and they need to be done at the end of the month.

    Good luck with the one you decide to join… or both, why not? If I had nothing to do I would think of joining both, or maybe making something valid for both. Mmmh, that’s an idea!

  2. ksgentry says:

    Joining both?! LOL.. I would have to take a leave of absence from work, get my hair cut off really short so I wouldn’t pull it out, get the Dr to give me a prescription for nerve pills, turn off my cable and internet, and get enough microwaveable dinners for the month. And then I am not sure I could do that. I see posts that says ‘I made this in 3 hours’ and I think, it would have taken me three hours just to pin and cut it out.

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