Time to get back to Sewing

When I checked in today I realized that I have let too much time pass. I have a million reasons (or excuses) for why I have not sewn one thing in the past 4 months but today my self imposed exile from the sewing machine is over. Let’s just jump right in!

Rochelle  (Have I ever mentioned that she is one of my favorite bloggers)  from Lucky Lucille has finally announced the Sewing for Victory 2.0 Sew Along. Those words have awoken my creative side.


Sewing for Victory is a 40’s based pattern challenge. When the 1940’s era began the depression had carried over from the 30’s, men were at war, and women went to work outside the house. Most women’s fashion was of a utility style for the early part of the decade while a softer look came when the war ended, the men returned home from the war and women went from factory laborers to back to housewives..

McCalls 6019

My choice is a McCall’s 6019, a two piece suit. I simply love the waistband on this skirt. The Bolero jacket has great details at the shoulders that mimics the waistband of the skirt.

Desktop8Inspiration came from a great picture of Grace Kelley as a teenage model wearing a skirt with a similar waistband and who doesn’t love Lauren Bacall’s houndstooth jacket in the 1944 film To Have and Have Not. I was lucky enough to acquire a pair of vintage gloves that will be perfect.

Story Board


5 thoughts on “Time to get back to Sewing

  1. Laurie says:

    Wow… you are on the ball here! Deciding WHAT to make is always the hardest for me! I love your idea… And I love Grace Kelly! Can’t wait to see it! 😀 Welcome back…

  2. ksgentry says:

    Thanks to everyone for the warm welcoming return, I have managed to get the muslin for both the jacket and the skirt cut out and am in the process of marking all of the pieces and will be trying to get them sewn together this week. My youngest daughter will be wearing it and we can only get together on Sundays so I am on a time frame.for fittings. I am so excited that I want to create again.

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