A new Iron and wrinkled linen

Let me start off by saying that I have discovered I hate 100% LINEN FABRIC!

 I have been so proud of myself. Participating in the Sewing for Victory Sew Along has brought me back to the sewing machine. I have already starting to make a list of what would be the next big project. I had created a time frame to get everything done with maybe a couple of day left so we could plan a great photo shoot for my completed garment.

Today was the day I was going to get my fabric ready for the pattern layout. The black fabric I chose for the skirt is 100% linen. I don’t normally select a full linen fabric but this is being used as a skirt and my daughter doesn’t like to wear a slip so in my mind I thought this would be a good choice. Instructions on the bolt said machine wash using warm wash, line dry. I pulled one of my favorite ‘GO TO’ books, Fabric Savvy by Sandra Betzina,  reading her recommendations on pretreatment I noted that it said it would wrinkle less if you press first before machine washing. Simple huh? Not so much. Pulling out my old iron I set away to rush through the ironing task set before me. But no..  Most of the wrinkles came out but the folds that had set in while wrapped around the bolt would not budge.

I had been needing a new iron for quite some time so I thought that perhaps that was the problem. The steam function had begun to shoot out water like a geyser and throw water everywhere. I have had it for well over 30 years, so off I go to check out what was new in the way of irons. I settled on a Rowenta. It says anti-drip, burst of steam, uses regular tap water, and the best feature is the cord is retractable. She is a beauty and I was sure she could handle the job.



Setting up my pressing table, confident that this $80 iron would solve all my problems and that I would have time to get it pressed and have it drying over night, I lowered my iron and off I went, humming quietly, and there it is .. the wrinkles, every 10 inches or so all the way across the fabric. Decided that perhaps a damp pressing cloth along with big bursts of steam would take care of it. Epic failure!

Linen Wrinkle

Any suggestions or do I just pull out my Linen-Look fabric and line the skirt so you can’t see through it?  Time is ticking. I need this skirt ready to a trial run on Sunday.



3 thoughts on “A new Iron and wrinkled linen

  1. Siri says:

    Oh man, I hate that! And I just don’t get it; some fabrics are just impossible. You can easily get a crease into it, but ironing it flat again? No chanse. I have 6 yards of linen I got from my mum, but I haven’t made anything with it after 5 years. I just know it will drive me crazy…
    Great progress on your project though 😉

  2. A Sunny Day in LA says:

    Spray a solution made of equal parts water and white vinegar (be sure to test in an inconspicuous area first for damage) on the wrinkled area and then iron immediately. That’s the old school tried and true way to get out the wrinkles

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