April 1 – Clover’s 5 in 1 Sliding Ruler

Today is the first day of April, otherwise known as April Fools Day and I have begun the Ultimate Blog Challenge along with hundreds of others.  Never heard of it? I hadn’t either until last night. The premise is a simple one, writing and sharing a new blog post every day during the challenge month. It helps set an example for others, creates a daily habit, make connections and interact with others and get motivated. It is being hosted by Michele Scism and Michelle Shaeffer. Check it out and see if you have what it takes.


Have you ever noticed that things seem like such a great idea late at night but when the light of day comes, not so much. That is pretty much were I am at with this thing. But it is only 30 posts and it didn’t seem that hard, but it was dark outside, my body was tired, and my mind was continuing to think of things to do. That has always been my problem, I think I have ‘Restless Mind Syndrome’. So here I sit, Day one, and time to move on with the promise I have made. Hmm..

I have decided that perhaps my posts should have a theme, don’t you think? So.. for the next 30 days I will be digging through my sewing notions and giving my critique on each item I select as well as keeping up with my Sewing for Victory project progress.

April 1 – Clover’s 5 in 1 Sliding Ruler

New Sewing Tool

I recently purchased this notion from my local Hancock Fabric Store. It was conveniently displayed on the cutting table, and if you are like me once you put your hands on it, rest assured that it is going home with you. My first impression was that it was sturdy. I love the fact that it is well made and the numbers are clearly visible. It has several features that make it a great multitasking tool. First let me point out that this tool has a locking mechanism, so that once you set the measurement on the t-gauge it retains it’s spot. Great for marking buttonhole placement as well as seams that need to be exact. The width of the ruler is 5/8″, a common measurement for seam allowances in patterns today. The inside part of the ruler is slotted enough so that you can use a marking pen easily. My favorite part is the unique compass pivot at the bottom. This is perfect for making circles. Pin in the circle of the pivot point, chose the size you want your circle circumference to be and off you go. I can easily see this being one of my favorite tools in my drawer. I have already used it several times while making one skirt. If you don’t own one make sure you pick you up at your local fabric store today.

Multi Tasking Tool


5 thoughts on “April 1 – Clover’s 5 in 1 Sliding Ruler

  1. Annette says:

    A post a day for 30 days would be hard for me. Good luck!

    I didn’t realize the Clover 5 in 1 was as large as it is. I would see it on Amazon and figure I was fine with my little sliding gauge. Luckily, I haven’t managed to see it in the store yet.

    • ksgentry says:

      The day before I went to Hancock’s I saw a “Sewing with Nancy” episode from 2013 that featured it. I knew I had to buy it when I saw it the next day, it was destiny.

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