April 2 – Bobbin Loose Threads

Second day of The Ultimate Blog Challenge brings a post about bobbins and how to store them neatly. I have a spool rack like most people but because I don’t have an actual sewing room only a corner in the living room I have a cabinet where most of my stuff is stored. I attached small spool racks to the inside of one of the doors and hang both my spools and bobbins on it. It works out great except for all of those tails hanging from the bobbins, it looks like a jungle of colored vines, and when they become tangled?!


After a few months of frustration I began to do some research. There are many ways to handle this problem, from storage containers to covers and clips to choose from.

My favorite is the Handi-Bobs Bobbin Spool Holders, these conveniently attach your bobbin to your corresponding colored thread spool while keeping your bobbin thread in place. I found  them at Nancy’s Notions. She has the value pack (72) on sale for less than $10. Check out the note that states not all Singer Bobbins will fit these.


If you have the room that has plenty of storage shelves you can also buy bobbin boxes in all shapes and sizes that would definitely do the trick. I have also found jumbo rings that you can thread your bobbins on but there is still the thread dangling issue.


Bobbin wraps are a great idea and  I have located  a couple of different choices there. The clear flexible covers are great, place them over your bobbin and store in a bobbin box or on the rack. The cost of 10 of these can run up to $8. But if you are creative and aren’t afraid of a razor sharp knife ( I personally am afraid of bleeding and possible stitches) here is also a great tutorial to make them yourself and so much cheaper at Schlosser Designs’ website using clear flexible tubing and an X-Acto knife.


Another version is the Bobbin Wraps sold by Annie’s Attic. They look a lot like knitted pony tail holds and they slip right over your bobbin. Package of 48 usually run about $4. Or head over to your local dollar store and buy actual small pony tail holders, found a package of 200 for a $1. The problem with using this type of wrap is that you can not always distinquish the color on the bobbin.


No matter which choice you make there is something nice about being organized when you begin your next project.


On another note several blogs hosted a Spring Clean Swap Meet, what a great idea, clean out your old and make room for new, on March 29 and March 30. I unfortunately was too busy lazy , to get my spaced cleaned out to in time to participate but I was lucky enough to be selected to receive the Colette’s Rooibos Pattern, courtesy of Andrea from StitchParade.


I can’t say enough about Colette Patterns and their sister website Coletterie.  They have some fabulous patterns and a great sewing community, full of hints, tutorials, and ideas. If you get a chance be sure and visit them.

Now what to should I review tomorrow? Hope I am not busy at work since I do a lot of the writing there!  My boss should learn to watch me a little closer!


6 thoughts on “April 2 – Bobbin Loose Threads

  1. Annette says:

    Your idea is much better than mine. I leave mine sitting near my machine, only to get caught in what I am sewing, then falling to the floor. I then find them later chewed by the neurotic chihuahua. It would be fine if I used the less expensive generic bobbins my old machine used, but these are the harder to find Viking bobbins that aren’t cheap.

  2. Mother of Reinvention says:

    I have bobbins everywhere. I have two clear bobbin storage boxes which are full to bursting and tins of bobbins, which do get all tangled up too. I have a few vintage machines so have t have separate bobbins for them all. I like the look of the plastic things that keep your bobbins and thread together. Thanks for the useful review!

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