April 6 – Weekend Sewing

Another productive weekend on the sewing home front. Was able to get the jacket pattern laid out. I use my muslin as my pattern as all the fitting are done. The jacket muslin fit her perfect but since we decided to add a lining I needed to add a small amount of width to each piece to allow for the addition of extra fabric.

Cutting with fitted muslin

Was able to get it cut out as well. My helper, Paulie, was not happy that I was interrupting his napping habit. He wanted to make sure he got an adequate amount of cat hairs on the fabric before I got it all cut out and sewn.

Pieces cut

One of the details I love about this pattern is that the jacket has the same detail on the pockets near the shoulder as the waistband. I did have a little trouble getting it to all work out on the muslin but was confident that I could master it on the jacket.

Jacket and skirt detail

Epic Fail. I am not sure what makes this not work the way it is suppose to but even after ripping and resewing I was still unable to get it right

Horribly Wrong

Here is a closer view of the mess that I ended up with. NO fixxing this 3Luckily I have hoarder tendencies and always buy more fabric than is needed to I have cut all the front bodice pieces again and will start over again tomorrow.Starting over

On to a better part of the day. Stefanie was able to get over here and get a fitting on her skirt. I had left one side seam open so I could get the fit that I needed, and of course address the hem. I had originally altered the skirt pattern to take almost 6 inches off the lenght but she wants it to be just above her knee so I will need to take another 4″ off to make that work But overall it fits her perfectly. She is so small.

Fitting Picture

Day 6 is under my belt and completed. This 30 day blog challenge is certainly making me think a lot! Please bear with me. it will be over before you know it.


11 thoughts on “April 6 – Weekend Sewing

  1. Annette says:

    I love houndstooth! Have you tried to make that corner without cutting out the whole front to practice? Maybe cut a couple rectangles and use the pattern piece to cut that seam and the details.

    • ksgentry says:

      I call my kitties ‘Crafty Cats’, when the sewing machine comes out there is always one that makes sure he gets a few of his cat hairs on the garment. It is my signature!

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