April 7 – Random Thoughts

After a great weekend of sewing I think I need a break. I came home to find a wonderful package awaiting in my mailbox.  I received my pattern from Stitch Parade. I ripped it open like it was a gift from Santa Claus. I love it and I think I may have plans for it soon. Diane from Vintage Zest is soon hosting a sew along for a simple dress for the month of May.

I soon realized that there are so many Sew Alongs or Challenges out there how does one choose. The month of April alone has a crazy amount of choices, I have listed the ones that I am aware of but I am sure there are plenty more that I am unaware of.

Sew for Victory 2.0 hosted by Lucky Lucille

Bargainista Fashionista Contest hosted by Pattern Review.

Terrific Tanks hosted by Pattern Review

Tops and Toes by Historical Sew Fortnightly

Slip Sew Along hosted by Gertie’s Blog for Better Sewing

Simple Dress by Vintage Zest

Sew up a Colette Pattern hosted by Pattern Review

Sleeveless Dress with Bow Sash by Japanese Sewing Books

Sewing Double hosted by The Monthly Stitch

May 2014

The Marfy Free Pattern Sew Along hosted by A Challenging Sew

The Sew Stretchy hosted by The Monthly Stitch

Me-Made-May’14 hosted by sozowhatdoyouknow


There are so many challenges, contests and sew-alongs out there, you can quickly become overwhelmed with all of the choices.


I got an group email from Nancy’s Notions about a Live Web Meeting hosted by Nancy Zieman on April 26. I love the Sewing with Nancy TV Show on PBS. When there were few sewing shows on the air you could count on Nancy for a great Saturday afternoon of creating. So I clicked on the link to see what it was about and while I won’t be attending there was a link to test your computer connection.


I spent the next two hours amazed at a live webcast from the nest of a bald eagle.

Day 7 is now done. Only 23 more to go! Once the UBC is over I will be hosting a giveaway. I have been cleaning out my sewing stash and will have fabrics, patterns, and notions on my list. Stay tuned!

is a live webcast from the nest of a bald eagle
is a live webcast from the nest of a bald eagle
This test link is a live webcast from the nest of a bald eagle! – See more at: http://www.nancyzieman.com/blog/sew-handbags/webcast-by-nancy-zieman/?extid=140407A&code=142148-5700#sthash.lhQxFJjH.dpuf





6 thoughts on “April 7 – Random Thoughts

  1. Siri says:

    I totally get what you mean by being overwhelmed by all the sew-alongs. I’m the same way… I have learned though… I am not a fast sewer, although getting more efficient every time. I try to choose SALs that correspond with my already planned sewing. Then I can get my plans done, and participate at the same time. It seems to work, but sometimes it is tempting to join more than one at the same time. I simply can not handle it, so it is only one at a time for me now 🙂 It is hard, as there are so many lovely challenges!

    • ksgentry says:

      I am always an over achiever in my head but in real life I know that I will never get them all done in time. Sometimes it is the challenge but sometimes it become overwhelming and takes all of the fun out of it.

  2. Mads (lifeinamadshouse) says:

    I’m with you: I find the number of sew-alongs and participatory things overwhelming, but in a good, awe-inspiring kind of way. I entered a contest on PR last month but didn’t finish (or start…yikes) my garment before it ended. If nothing else, it’s cool to see what people are working on and get inspired or motivated!

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