April 10 – Spring, Thunder and Celebrations

What a wonderful spring day it is. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the cats are sunbathing in my open windows, feeling the gentle breeze ruffle their fur, as they watch the squirrels playing in the yard. I haven’t felt this upbeat in a while.


Perhaps it is the breathe of spring in the air, the promise of summer, the grass is turning green, the tulips are peaking out from the ground with the promise of blooms, the bradford pear trees showing off their beautiful white blossoms and dogwoods are in full bud.

If you live in Kentucky or Southern Indiana you know that this weekend is the start of the Kentucky Derby Festival.  Saturday, April 12th, this marks the 25th year of “Thunder over Louisville”, it is considered the opening ceremonies to the Kentucky Derby, May 3 It is a airshow that includes parachutes, planes ranging from the 1940’s to the US Navy’s Blue Angels that roars through the air space over the Ohio River and ends with one of the largest fireworks show in North America.
Thunder Over Louisville

To most that live here is considered a holiday and it officially says spring is here, and that is a good thing. Friends and family that have moved away come home for Christmas and Thunder.

I love the atmosphere of it all.

As you all may know I was nominated for the Liebster Award yesterday and I am still a little excited by it. Yes, I know there is no actual award, no trophy or plaque, and there are no real winners. It is a blog version of a chain letter. But whether you break the chain participate or not there is no major tragedy coming your way. It is just a fun thing, simple as that. And it made me smile!

Tomorrow I will return my blog back to its regular scheduled programming.



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