April 12 – Buttonholes

Today I submit for your approval the buttonholes that the Brother LB6800PRW has to offer. There are ten different types to chose from.


#48 – Horizontal – Used for thin and medium weight fabrics – This is the one I use the most

#49 – Horizontal – This is for designed for high stress areas – Great on shirts in the bust area

#50 – Horizontal – Thick fabrics – Great for coats and denim

#51 – States it is for secured fabrics with backings – Not sure I understand but I like the look of it

#52 – Great for stretch or knit fabrics

#53 – Also for stretch or knit fabrics – Why the reason for 2?

#54 = Used for bound buttonholes

#55 – Keyhole for thick or furry fabrics

#56 – Keyhole for thick or medium weight fabrics

#57 – Horizontal Keyhole for thick or furry fabrics

I used the default settings when sewing there. I learned today that there are different buttonholes for horizontal or vertical placement. Obviously I stitched them all vertically.

Do you see the way both #52 and #53 is off on the bottom of the buttonhole. I have noticed that this happens no matter what type of fabric I use.

#62 is suppose to be an eyelet hole. All this machine does is sew a “C” and then stops. I haven’t found any help to correct this.

#58 and #59 are darning stitches, #58 for light or medium weight, #59 for heavy fabric. This is a stitch I don’t think I will ever use, if I get a hole in my sock I wear them. Or use them for dust rags!

#60 is considered a Bar Tack Stitch, I find this helpful at the beginning of a pleat or any high stress area where a seam may begin to separate

Do you have a cat partner when you sew? I know that both of mine are always beside me, whether I am stitching or cutting out, giving me a helping hand, adding a few cats hairs for additional texture to my fabrics. Penny from Dresses & Me is sponsoring a Colette pattern giveaway. Grab your kitty pictures and hurry over to her Blog and find out how to enter plus showcase your ‘Crafty’ Cats! Here is a mine!


Do you have all the pattern pieces cut out?


Don’t think you are on the grainline here.


Let’s get this thing started!

Today is the beginning of the Kentucky Derby Festival and here in Southern Indiana and Louisville Kentucky we celebrate with “Thunder Over Louisville”. I have attached a link if you would like to see one of the largest firework shows in North America. The show begins at 3:30 pm, Eastern Standard Time with different types of planes performing stunts for your watching pleasure and ends with the fireworks beginning at 9:35 pm, Eastern Standard Time. Hope you get a chance to see them. This year is the 25th anniversary and it’s theme is ‘Throw Back Thunder’.


See everyone tomorrow and have a great ‘Thunder’ Day!



2 thoughts on “April 12 – Buttonholes

  1. Aya in Couturgatory says:

    Goodness me, *10* different buttonholes? I guess this explains why the one type from my Toyota seems to work or not work at will (it must be the fabrics I am using it on.)

    Side note: I misread your post title as “buttholes” initially, and a picture of your cat appeared. I snorted because that is what my cat was always presenting in my face when he walked around on my chest.

    • ksgentry says:

      I would have preferred they had two or three buttonholes but did them well, instead of 10 that are not all that great. PS. My cats like to show their behinds to me as well, as if to say, ‘Look Mom, I licked it clean’!

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