April 13 – Sewing

Today I was able to correct my mess that I made last weekend with my jacket and the pocket details. After re-cutting the bodice, the pocket facing and the front yoke pieces. The first time I did this I followed the instruction sheet and ended up with a mess.

What a mess this was!

What a mess this was!

This is how this mess became what it was

Steps 1 and 2

Steps 1 and 2

Steps 3 and 4

Steps 3 and 4

This time I changed the steps and it seemed to work out.

I did not sew all the way to the end and clip the corner as in the first page, second image. I sewed to the edge of the actual bodice cut seam.

IMG_1004-001I turned the pocket facing in and then flipped it over to the right side. I pinned the pocket bodice upper yoke in place to get it correct, then pressed it so I could make a seam to follow.

IMG_1003Using the pressed in seam as a guide I stitched it all in place before I clipped anything.

Much cleaner now, just wish my pattern had lined up better but I am going to live with it.

Much Cleaner

I also took out some of the ease on the shoulder seam, I like it much better, cleaner look. I didn’t realize I was going to do this until I had cut the sleeve out, normally I would have altered the actual pattern but I obviously did not think ahead.  My only choice was to alter the fabric to fit this. I found a helpful tutorial at The Design Loft. Worked perfectly by cutting the excess fabric at the top.

Shoulder Seams

It is now on the dress form. Please excuse the way it is lopsided but Stef is smaller and I have to work with what I have.

I had originally intended to line this jacket but after this weekend’s temperature getting almost 80 degrees I have decided to do the unlined version. I will clean the seams up with seam lace and sew in the facings. But that will be tomorrow.

Dress Form

I know Sew for Victory 2.0’s deadline is April 30th but Stefanie is going out of town the weekend before it is due so I need it done by Easter Sunday, April 20 when she is home and has time for photos as well.


9 thoughts on “April 13 – Sewing

    • ksgentry says:

      I almost wanted to use a contracting piece so that the actual detail of the ‘useless’ pocket would stand out more but was afraid if I did that it would give it an ‘equestrian look’ and I knew that Stefanie would never go for that.

    • ksgentry says:

      I am not sure why I had so much problem with this feature of the jacket, it didn’t seem hard on the muslin but when I cut the actual fabric I lost my way I guess.

      • I made it!! says:

        Maybe you’re muslin was lighter fabric? I don’t like how thick some seams can get when I sew……all those layers! Oh well, it happens to everyone.

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