April 16 – Sewing App for Iphone/Ipad


My first confession: 

I am a hoarder, not just an ordinary hoarder, I collect patterns, trims, notions, threads, fabrics, books. If it is sewing related I own it or it is on my wish list.

My second confession:

I have a terrible habit of not cataloging my patterns, my fabrics, my notions, … well you get the picture. I don’t have a lot of room to store all my supplies neatly so I live out of cardboard boxes, plastic tubs, and what ever else I can find. In my world this makes me sometimes forget what I have, where it is.. yada, yada, yada. I keep projects in my head,  I might have a pattern at home that I want to make but I have no idea how much fabric it takes, do have matching thread, do I have the zipper or the buttons I need. You get the idea, I have no organizational skills. I started out with a notebook but it quickly became too large to carry around or I didn’t have it in the car when I needed it.

A couple of years ago I found an app for my IPhone, it is called Sewing Kit HD and it can make you an organizational wonder.

Sewing Kit HD(You are going to have to excuse the pictures, my IPhone no longer takes screenshots so I have to take pictures with my camera of my phone)

And before you get too excited this app is currently only available for Iphones and Ipads.

Sewing Kit HD


Track all of the information you need about your sewing patterns. Automatic download of envelope images from Simplicity, McCalls, Vogue, Butterick and more! Scan bar codes and add patterns quickly and easily! If this option does not work you can always take photos and add them to the app


Take photos of your fabric, add the amount you have, fiber content, Fabric width, woven or knit. You can also add storage location.


Here is the perfect place to store measurements, likes and dislike of each person you will be sewing for.


Link to People, Patterns, Fabrics, Threads and Notions. Take photos and track your progress.


You can scan bar codes here or just take a photo and always know if you have the correct spool of thread on hand.


This option also lets you scan bar codes or take photos to see which books you have in your library.


Again this lets you bar code scan or take photos.


Add your serger, sewing and embroidery machine here along with the date of purchase, length of warranty, and any service records that you have.


I love this category. Maybe it is a Blog that gave you an idea for a garment, a building that inspires you to make a striped pair of pants or a dress you saw at Macy’s. You can photos, the idea, blog addresses and more.


Whether it is lace, piping or strings of rhinestones you have a place to store the types and colors you have along with the yardage.

 Sewing Kit Photo


Now you can get you manage your sewing stash and it will always be at your fingertips, whether you are in a fabric store, flea market, estate sale or where ever you get a chance to score another item to your sewing arsenal.

 Yeah, you have to use it, it takes time to put all that you already have into the database, but it is easy to use.

What techniques do you use to organize your stash?





7 thoughts on “April 16 – Sewing App for Iphone/Ipad

  1. I made it!! says:

    I have always looked for something for my iPad. Right now I photograph my material and my patterns with my iPad and look at them from there. At home everything is in boxes. Except I do keep the pattern envelopes in plastic pages in a binder (with the contents in plastic bags in a box), that way I can look at all my patterns at once easily, just like a catalogue!

    • ksgentry says:

      It certainly can be a great help! I have done some research and there is a similar app for android phones. It is called “Sewing Pattern Catalog. I have not used it but people with androids love it. But I would go with your choice of needing an IPAD!

  2. A Sunny Day in LA says:

    What a great find! I’d get this right now if the price wasn’t a bit of a deterrent, I wish they had a trial period as you never know if the apps are buggy.

    I don’t really have much organization except a note on my phone of which bins hold what kind of fabric – wovens, knits, specialty fabrics.

  3. Karen * WinkyBlinky says:

    Do you actually get this app to work? I have purchased the iPhone & iPad app a while back, & during the last two “updates” I have lost almost all the usability. It works, but just barely. My iPhone edition (separate app & purchase now) no longer opens at all. The iPad app works about a quarter of the time. I used to use it all the time, but it’s so frustrating that I don’t go there much anymore. I do hope that since McCalls has come on board with it that we will see some bugs ironed out soon. I really miss it. I hope it’s working for other people.

    • ksgentry says:

      I unfortunately do not have an IPAD but it works great on my Iphone. Do you have the latest version, when I first bought this app I had a lot of problems but through the years it has become much better and seems to work well for me. Wish I had some sage advice but I not computer savvy.

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