April 27 – Dress Progress

As my two days of a mini vacation comes to a close I sit here in disappointment. I got up this morning with all great intentions. So let’s jump right in to how things progressed.

I was unable to find the proper color of piping I wanted but I did find it in bias tape. So I decided to make my own, it is straight forward and went well. Pressed it open, added cord, attached a zipper foot to my machine and sewed it closed.

sd34Added the piping to both the bodice and the pockets. I hand basted them into place first and then stitched them up.

dNow on to the hem. It looked so cute, with the little scallops that mimicked the bodice. It has a hem facing that I had traced the scallops on to make it easy to sew. I took the time to clean finished the straight edge of the facing with a scalloped stitch, adding a piece of stabilizer so the stitches would lay perfectly and they did!

Simple Dress Challenge4Now I was ready to attach the facing to the hemline. I quickly learned that slow stitching is not the way to go, the slower I would stitch the harder it was to make the arc. Finally getting the rhythm I completed the task at hand. I turned the facing. What ensued next was sheer ugliness. I openly admit that I was kind of a ‘Scallop Snob’. I have seen garments using scallops and they were so uneven. I secretly said to myself that I could do a much better job. Karma showed up and brought me down to reality with this garment.

sd30I tried to save them, making sure to use my stylus and iron to get them to become round and neat but I knew that it was a horrible look. The stitches on the wrong side looks so neat, each one perfectly matching, I had snipped the seam allowances, paying special attention to the inside seam so that they would turn smoothly. As you can see, they did not. I knew what I needed to do, grabbing the scissors I cut them off, an hour or so of hard work wasted and down the drain.

Simple Dress Challenge5

After that my sewing mojo left my body, like a spirit moving up and out to find a new body to inhabit. I will have to come back to the sewing machine to finish this up. I turned on the television and laid there, watching endless sitcoms, and overall, I pouted.

I had not managed to get the sewing cabinet cleaned out, I did not gather my items for my giveaway. Adding to my sadness it the fact that I have to go back to work tomorrow. Where did all the time go? What seemed like a lifetime went by in a blink of the eye.

See everyone tomorrow and as always

Happy Sewing



3 thoughts on “April 27 – Dress Progress

  1. Annette says:

    I’m so sorry. I know what this feels like. I know it is a little late to ask, but since you have an embroidery machine, would embroidered scallops work? I haven’t tried it yet, but keep it in the back of my head for that someday….

  2. Jessica Cangiano says:

    Isn’t that a disarming feeling when your mojo seems to vanish into the ether like that? I’ve had it happen before while hard at work on craft projects and writing, too. Thankfully it does always return and usually, I’ve come to learn, it’s your brain’s way of telling you that you should focus on something else instead (which will often help fuel your creative fires all the more).

    ♥ Jessica

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