April 28 – Dress and Packages on my Doorstep

Today I did break out of my funk and worked on the dress that consumed my weekend. Who knew that such a small dress could turn out to be such a pain in my .. well you know what word goes here. I set up my machine, managed to get the lap sewn in. I was prepared to get the sleeves set in and then do all of the gathering. And then it happened. My daughter Ashley is working on a peplum blouse that she needs on Saturday. She has made two muslin trials but needed help with armholes. What can you do, I put my project aside.


I love getting packages delivered. First I got a BONFIT Elastic guide set. Has anyone used one of these? The product promises to stretch the elastic as you sew it into your garment.  I hope to give this kit a practice run this weekend and will let you know if it is worth the $10 I paid for it.


The other package yielded more books, adding to my ever growing library collection. This came as a lot of four books, three of them from the Singer Sewing Reference Library that was popular in the 1980’s.

Desktop18The other book is Better Homes and Gardens Professional Sewing Tips, this library collection were popular in the 1960’s. I hope to eventually complete both sets through time. Hey,, don’t judge.. everyone needs a goal in life..


Long day makes for a short post!

See everyone tomorrow and as always

Happy Sewing


4 thoughts on “April 28 – Dress and Packages on my Doorstep

  1. Tanya Maile says:

    That elastic stretcher is interesting! Let us know if it works! Did you know there was a time life sewing set, too? My MIL gave me a couple. They are really nice, but I’ve never seen them anywhere. Well…. in a thrift store or book store that is. I have yet to look online.

  2. I made it!! says:

    Hey, any book that offers sewing tips and ideas is a winner! I think that in order to restrain from buying MORE fabric and increasing my stash, I tend to buy anything else to do with sewing…. Patterns, gadgets, books…. Those I have a real stash of too! How about you? 😀 (you will have to blog about the stretcher, I would love to see if it works!)

  3. Miss Beta says:

    Seams that the elastic stretcher is a huge curiosity for us! I only have one sewing book, as you know I just started my sewing adventure, but I tell you I could learn a lot with it. So I wonder what is on yours! Must be good 🙂

    Miss Beta

  4. Siri says:

    You’re officially my Queen of Gadgetry 😀 The things I learn on this blog! Hope you nail that little bugger of a dress, and tell us how that stretcher’s working for you!

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