Weekend Progress!

Good morning everyone out there in the blogisphere! I am feeling like a lost child here. I purposely did not blog, read a blog, or even check my email for the last four days after completing the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I was excited to take a break from the written word, or so I thought. I found it so hard not to check on someone’s progress, their daily inspirations, or simply sneak a peek into someone’s world. I am so addicted!

My four days has not gone without productivity though. The Kentucky Derby was this weekend and my oldest daughter, Ashley, needed help finishing her blouse she had planned to wear. There was a huge error in the neck and armhole facings that we had to address so I spent a few hours removing seams and correcting what I could. Overall it came out okay. Not her best work but we both learned a few things.


She also volunteered to make potato salad, deviled eggs and buffalo chicken dip for forty people. Which at my house means that I also volunteered my services. The cooking was crazy and the cleanup was insane. Overall a successful cooking session, she noted that everyone loved the food she fixed and no one got sick or died from food poisoning.

I managed to finish my dress for the Simple Dress Challenge that Diane is hosting at VintageZest,  This challenge is due on June 4, yep that is right! I am a month ahead of schedule on it.! WOOT WOOT. There is plenty of time left to grab a button and participate. If you don’t have a blog you can still join her Facebook group, Stitch Once, Rip Twice and show off your creation there. Again not my best work, I swear there is always something I want to correct or wish I had done differently.


I do love her name on the dress.

IMG_1107The cat designs on the pockets.


The adorable buttons I found to complete the garments.


After the scalloped hem fiasco I was so disillusioned, but Annette from Mrs Toad Sews commented that I should try a scalloped stitch from my machine as the hem. It looks perfect! What a great idea. Thanks!



Today is the last day to get your projects finished for Rochelle’s Sew for Victory 2.0. There are so many great vintage inspired outfits out there! From simple house dresses to elegant suits the ladies participating has pulled out all of the stops. Make sure and check out her flickr group and check out everyone’s creations. I had a great time creating this one, my youngest daughter, Stefanie, loves vintage clothing. Yesterday she was already talking about a new vintage outfit she wants!

Also I have thrown my hat in the ring to play along with The Monthly Stitch‘s challenge. This is an easy one ladies, your only requirement is stretch fabric. This would be a great time to pull out your serger and join in. I am using the Bombshell bathing suit that was so popular last summer in the online sewing community. I know, I know, I am a late starter but hopefully this will only take the month of May.


Tonight when I get home I will be packing up fabrics and requesting email addresses for my giveaway and follow up with a post about the winners! Thanks to everyone who follows along as I post my successes and failures as I sew my way through life.

See everyone tomorrow and as always,

Happy Sewing



8 thoughts on “Weekend Progress!

  1. The Sewing CPA says:

    The dress is lovely; you did such a great job. Your daughter’s top is beautiful and looks good on her. I love the sandals she’s wearing.

    • ksgentry says:

      Thanks for the compliment on the dress. It wasn’t as simple as I thought it would be but was worth it in the end. By the way she got her sandles at a local Payless Shoes. She says they come in Mint Green as well, I am sure that in the near future these too will be added to her collection.

  2. Pinhouse Playmate says:

    Glad to hear you took a well earned break 🙂 The little dress is just adorable, the scalloped stitch is a great touch. Your daughter did good on the top, the color is lovely on her and the shape very flattering:)

    • ksgentry says:

      We will be trying to recreate this top for her using a pink linen, there are a few changes to be made this time around. Let’s hope it goes smoothly.

  3. Annette says:

    That dress is adorable! I’m glad my suggestion worked out.

    I’m impressed that you completed the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Life happened at our house and I didn’t finish. I will of course try the next one.

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