First off let me introduce myself, I am a woman of ‘vintage’ years living in southern Indiana.  I have two daughters, Ashley and Stefanie whom you will meet along the way. My mother had a sewing machine when I was a small child and I was always interested in it.  I don’t recall her using it but it sat in the corner and I would sit underneath the cabinet and play with the buttons and dials. In retrospect perhaps that is why she didn’t use it, perhaps I had it so screwed up that she couldn’t. As a junior high student all girls were required to take Home Economics for two semesters, one was cooking class and the other was sewing.  My first project was a simple apron. Pretty simple and straight forward, the teacher furnished all the materials and taught us how to thread our machines and learn to sew a straight stitch. I have to admit I was pretty bored with the whole thing.  It was the next project that piqued my creative mind. I chose a palazzo pant pattern and got to make a trip to the fabric store. I can still remember the bolts of fabrics lined up on the shelves, all colors and patterns, and I knew at that moment I wanted to sew.

You can email me at:  Sewmuch2learn@twc.com


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