April 19 – Early Mother’s Day Gift

I have been on the search lately for an old fashion sewing machine cabinet. I knew that I would have to made modifications to work with my machine. But I was willing. I located a wonderful cabinet on my local Craigslist. I have been watching it as the days past, I just couldn’t decide if I could make it work, if I wanted to spend the $70, yeah.. I am cheap thrifty and it sometimes takes me a while to decide to purchase something. Sometimes I wait too long and miss the deal but I chalk it up to “It wasn’t meant to be”.

I was pleasantly surprised when my daughters brought home my mother’s day gift today, and it was the cabinet. Isn’t is a beauty!

cabinet2Both the kitties checked it out too and they approved! One from underneath and one from above.

Cabinet3Paulie certainly gives it his seal of approval!

cabinet4Markie loves it too!

Upon further inspection I believe this to be a handmade cabinet, perhaps two cabinets turned into one. As you can tell the front is clearly 1960’s. But inside it has drawers that are reminiscent of another decade.

Drawer PullsIt looks so great open!

cabinet openIt does not have the traditional tilt and lean to store sewing machine which makes a conversion for modern machines a lot easier. Pressure on the top pushes machine inside and pressure on the top allows machine to come up. Now to get it to accommodate my machine.


I had done some research on the lifts that are available and the cost ranges from $160 to $260 dollars. I think I can beat that. Just have to let my mind think about it for a few days.

Hope everyone has a Happy Easter!


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