April 25 – The Weekend has started

Today I arrived for work feeling excited. It has been a long time since I have felt that way. But I knew it was a matter of 9 hours and I would begin my first ‘two days off in a row’ mini vacation. The hours and  minutes were slow but if finally arrived. For the next 62 hours I will be off work. I realize that some of this time will have to be spent sleeping but I will try to make it as less as possible. I rushed to the store this evening and got a few items to get through the weekend. Mountain Dew is always first on the list, I need as much caffeine as possible, I had to get food for the cats, and grapes. I am now ready.

spring-clean-your-sewing-space-big-buttonHannah, from Made with Hugs and Kisses, had posted about her sewing space. That made me take a hard look at mine. It is a mess.  I have decided to take the pledge. I could use some organizations skills and hope to contribute a few along the way. What does your space look like? Ready for a little push to get it organized?

This is my sewing corner, my corner of shame, don’t judge.

clean up 4

Chaos, from the beautiful picture that someone painted for me that is stuffed on top, still waiting on a frame to the interfacing hanging out of the boxes, I need organizations skills!

clean up 3

Beside and behind my machine is more piles, projects that we are working on, notions that haven’t found their way into an over stuffed box, etc.

clean up 2

I can’t even remember what fabrics I have bought and stuffed in these bins.

clean up 1

Cute bin but full of patterns, We won’t talk about the 4 large boxes that are stashed in a closet.


I realized today that I am almost done with the Ultimate Blog Challenge, only 5 more days! The challenge taught me a lot and for those of you that have stuck around I will be having a giveaway to celebrate. I will be posting them on April 30 so be sure to come back on the last day.



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