Is it Monday Already?

Can’t believe it but in a little over 7 hours I will be sitting at my desk at work. Time has really gone fast, as it always does.

The Hawthorn project is going ok. I had completed the bodice including side seams Friday night but after looking at it on the dress form I panicked, doubting my measurements and spent Saturday after work ripping out the side seams. Stef stopped by after work for another fitting and I was right. The muslin fit her well but the fabric did not translate that well. But all it took was a smaller side seam and I was back in business Sunday.  I was able to complete the bodice again, minus the sleeve bindings, and also got the skirt attached!  YAY!   DSCN0567

I did make a trip to Joann’s. There isn’t a day off that I do not find myself gravitating to fabric and notion shopping. I went for a small thread rack, armed with my 40% coupon and spent $40 before I could tear myself away. I did get my rack and it fits perfectly on the inside of my sewing cabinet. DSCN0576. If you take a look in the right lower corner you will notice a cat paw. Markie loves my cabinet and finds any opportunity to crawl inside when the doors are open. DSCN0577

Along with some fabric purchases, it was after all 60% off Sew Classics on Sunday, I bought a new marking device. Not sure why I have never tried a chalk wheel but used it tonight and I absolutely love it. DSCN0570Nice crisp fine lines and it worked well with the fabric I am currently working on. I am sure it won’t be a good choice for all fabrics though.

I had bought a couple of packages of bias tape since I am making the sleeveless version of the dress. After laying them out on the fabric I found that neither was going to look good. DSCN0566So I have decided to make my own bias tape using the fabric that I am using. This will be my first attempt, now I wish I had purchased one of the handy dandy bias tape tubes that allows you to cut the strip, pull threw the device, and iron. But since it is only about 40″ of bias I have made a couple of strips. DSCN0574Monday after work I will attempt to insert them. Stay tuned!


One thought on “Is it Monday Already?

  1. Elena Knits says:

    I love your Hawthorn. That neutral color is nice and nice bias tape you made. Well done! I don’t think you’re going to have see through problems, the fabric seems to be dark enough. Looking forward to seeing the dress on you!

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