Throw Back Thursday

Today is Thursday. I love Thursdays, it is the day before Friday, it is Buffalo Wild Wings Boneless Thursday (Only 60cents each), it is Project Runway day and it is Throw Back Thursday!

My Throw Back Thursday picture goes back to 1966! We are celebrating our baby sister’s first birthday! That is me sporting that sexy purple and white cropped top with matching shorts! We are all looking at that cake like we have never seen one in our lives. Keep in mind that there was a total of seven children, so we had many birthday cakes every year. What a group we were.


I enjoyed my boneless wings for lunch today and have enough to have for leftover tonight. I do not cook on Thursday and please don’t try to have a conversation during Project Runway.

I also wanted to share a website that Susan from FabricLady3 was kind enough to point out to me. It certainly falls in the TBT theme. It is called Decades of Style Patterns. They have recreated styles from the 1920’s through 1950’s. I love that you don’t have to totally re-size it as much as a true vintage pattern, how much easier will that be. I already have a pattern picked out to add to my pattern stash.

Siren SundressPretty sexy for 1948 don’t ya think.

You still have time to vote for Colette Patterns in Martha Stewart’s American Made contest! Sarai Mitnick and her crew have a great independent pattern company with beautiful well made patterns. Make sure you click the link below and make them #1 in their category.


And don’t forget, there is still time to get your vintage garment using 100% cotton done and entered in ‘Fall for Cotton” challenge!


Time to get ready for Project Runway! Take care everyone!


5 thoughts on “Throw Back Thursday

  1. ksgentry says:

    Thanks! What memories that picture brings back. Yeah, the patterns are wonderful and the price is kinda high but I have found that a lot of independent pattern companies are more expensive, and my hopes are that if you don’t have to make so many alterations because the sizes are more like the sizes today it would be less headaches and hopefully i might make it worth it.

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